YOU Are the Heart & Pulse of All We Do

We are tremendously grateful for support from GBA members and friends. You are essential to finding innovative solutions to critical issues here in Western Pennsylvania, and together we are better positioned to make tangible impacts. We need partners like you to connect people and expand tools, knowledge, and available resources to support the creation of places that are environmentally responsible, socially just, and economically viable.


Through your membership, you are shaping a sustainable future that includes:

Healthier Kids: GBA’s Green & Healthy Schools Academy fosters a culture of sustainability and provides tools and workshops for creating healthier and higher performing spaces in which our children can learn and our teachers can teach – because where we learn matters.

A More Livable City: In the past year, we have gained new commitments from owners of more than 40 buildings who pledge to dramatically reduce energy and water usage and transportation emissions through our Pittsburgh 2030 District. This collective effort is leading to more efficient, healthier places to live and work, while providing an example for other cities around the world.

Growth and Connection: GBA provides unique education and networking opportunities to people and businesses at all levels. This equips organizations and individuals with knowledge and connections that foster sustainability in our region.

Greener Living for All: Through technical assistance and the Enviro Social Capital initiative (a pay-for-success model for funding public projects), GBA aims to give support and guidance to projects that are designed to improve community outcomes and environmental goals.

You and others like you power this work with your deep personal and professional efforts help keep our region on the cutting edge of sustainability. When you become a GBA member, you demonstrate your commitment to leading our region toward a sustainable future. As thanks, when you sign up or renew your membership any time between today and December 31, you’ll be entered to win one of four great prizes:

* $375 gift card to a Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant partner of your choice!

* $150 gift card to a Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant partner of your choice!

* $75 gift card to a Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant partner of your choice!

* $50 gift card to any big Burrito Restaurant Group location (all are Gold Plate designated by the Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant program)!



Thanks to our members, sponsors, and supporters, GBA is effecting positive change throughout our region.

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