Working Harder Than Ever in 2017

As GBA enters its 24th year with 16 staff members; a robust Board, network, membership, & funder set; and mission that continues to be hard to achieve, our work and yours remains more important than ever. Many of you have been with us on this quest for efficiency, cost savings, health, and quality control for years. That quest continues, with the trail narrowing and steepening.

Despite challenges, we are working harder than ever to make sure that public, private, nonprofit, and other local, regional, and national partners understand the true importance of our work. Across 26 very different counties in Western Pennsylvania, we work to meet people, organizations, and places where they’re at so to collaboratively create places, assets, and pride for the future.

This work is hard. It takes years. I have personally known some of you for nearly a decade. Some of you have known GBA for nearly 2.5 decades. In that time, the outcomes of our work have not changed. It obviously touches buildings, but touches people, places, products, and more. Whether we like it or not, the built environment literally shapes and reflects us.

In nearly a decade, GBA has shaped me. In the past 15 months as Executive Director, leading GBA has been imperative work for our region. We do a lot, we dream a lot, and we set no small plans, because we know how amazing the future can be. You each and all push us to collectively dream bigger, bolder, and better, but we need your continued help and support in doing that work.

Though you may be receiving this email at work (because you get paid to have passion about green buildings), please remember GBA at the end or beginning of your giving year. We’re a nonprofit organization that exists for the collective and collaborative good — for the planet, people, and places we all love. It is our passion to help us all be better than we might otherwise, often literally building a sustainable future that is measurable, achievable, and inspirational.

May our work and yours continue to motivate and inspire us all to be better this holiday season and in the new year,


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