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Green Building Alliance has had a busy summer. Not only did we welcome Jenna Crammer as our new executive director, but we also hired three new employees, Brian Brown, Paige Colao, and Sarah Owen. Get to know them a little and make sure to say hello at the next GBA event!

Brian Brown, Learning Coordinator at Green Building Alliance:

Brian was hired in March 2018 as GBA’s Learning Coordinator.  As such he assists the GBA’s Green & Healthy Schools Academy, supports GBA educational events, and connects community stakeholders with broader development initiatives. Brian’s motivation sits in his “responsibility for creating a healthy environment for all people, specifically people of color who have been disenfranchised for centuries.”

A native of the Hill District, Brian has spent his career doing exactly that:  bettering Pittsburgh, especially for those outside the typical conversation. He currently serves as the Vice President of the Board of Directors for the August Wilson House. He has also worked as the Youth Equity & Access Associate in the Office of Mayor Bill Peduto and served as a member of Peduto’s Education Task Force.

Probably the busiest person you’ll ever meet, Brian also works part-time in education training at REI and teaches Afro-Brazilian Capoeira dance classes. Ask him about music, gadgets, and adventures of all kinds.


Paige Colao, Outreach & Resource Coordinator for the Pittsburgh 2030 District:

Paige was hired in July 2018 as the Outreach & Resource Coordinator for the Pittsburgh 2030 District.  Through her position at GBA, she helps connect 2030 District stakeholders, partners, and investors in their pursuit of energy, water, and transportation emissions reductions.

How did she get interested in buildings? Recognizing buildings account for nearly 40% of global energy consumption, Paige researched better building practices as an environmental science major at Allegheny College. “We just take it for granted that buildings are the energy pigs. I want to help find ways to turn those energy pigs into energy piglets,” Paige explains.

Next time you see Paige at 2030 District event, ask her about her time living in Milan. (Apparently Italians eat pizza with forks.)


Sarah Owen, Pittsburgh Green Story Fellow:

Sarah was hired in May as the Pittsburgh Green Story Fellow through the Student Conservation Association.

Originally from Mississippi, Sarah first became interested in equitable, sustainable development teaching high school in New Orleans. While studying for her NOLA tour guide license, she learned the urban history of the “city that care forgot” while seeing the socio-emotional effects of climate change on her students and her community.

A former writing consultant and history student, she loved the idea of rewriting Pittsburgh’s green story—celebrating its gains in sustainability nationally through media resources. She now subscribes to a shocking number of Pittsburgh-based newsletters.

Shameless plug: If you have any potential Pittsburgh Green Story news or general Pittsburgh recommendations, email her at sarahowen@gbapgh.org.


Cover image courtesy of Pixabay user rebeck96.

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