Advertising Opportunities in Viride

2016 GBA Annual Magazine MastheadReach your audience with an ad in Viride! Approximately 3,000 copies of Viride will be circulated to GBA’s members, stakeholders, and friends, including architects, contractors, product manufacturers, nonprofit organizations, engineers, design professionals, educators, and others.

We’ll also share our magazine on our website, which receives an annual average of 87,000 unique visitors, and with our 2,250 Facebook friends, 4,240 Twitter followers, and 1,750 LinkedIn followers. In short, your ad will be seen by thousands of readers throughout Western Pennsylvania and across the country that have a vested interested in sustainability, high performing buildings, and a healthier world.

Ad space is available in full, half, quarter, and eighth-page size ads:

  • Full-page ad: $3,200
  • Half-page ad: $1,600
  • Quarter-page ad: $800
  • Eighth-Page ad: $400
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Submission Requirements:

  • Submit final ads to by Friday, August 19. Download the ad specifications or you can reach Bradd at 412-773-6004 with any questions.
  • PDFs are preferred but Illustrator .eps files are Photoship .jpg and .tif files are acceptable. If submitting files in PDF format, all fonts must be embedded and transparencies should be flattened.
  • All ads are color and should be hi-resolution (at least 300 dpi) and CMYK. RGB, lab, index, or spot colors are not acceptable.
  • Crop marks are requested for full and half-page ads only, and are not necessary for fractional ads.

Note: If your ad does not comply with the specifications above, you will be notified and asked to make adjustments to your file. Please note that colors are likely to shift in an RGB to CMYK conversion and colors will not print as they appear on your monitor; also, unexpected results may occur when flattening transparencies.