The Punch List – 9/18/18

Google Tracks Your Searches, Now ICan Track Pittsburgh’s Carbon Footprint. Pittsburgh is one of the first five cities to beta-test Google’s Environmental Insights Explorer (EIE). Although not totally comprehensive, EIE uses Google’s mapping, earth engine, and cloud data, as well as third-party information, to create cost- and time-efficient estimates and projections of Pittsburgh’s greenhouse gas emissions from buildings and transportation. Climate-nerd-out over Pittsburgh’s stats here.   

Too Cool for School. The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh’s museumlab is beginning its final phase of construction. Planning for LEED and WELL certifications (to name a few), the project will operate as a STEM and creative makerspace for children on the first floor. In January, the Manchester Academic Charter School will move into the second floor. Read more about the museumlab’s sustainability initiatives here. Warning: your inner kid will be very jealous.  

Get the Lead Out. Speaking of healthy, happy kids, a new study found that lead exposure is steadily decreasing in young Allegheny County residents. This is thanks in part to extensive community education programming, blood testing requirements, and home testing programs. Children are still at risk, however, due to aging infrastructure such as old pipes and pre-1978 paint.  

Green Light for Hazelwood Green Redevelopment. Pittsburgh City Planning Commission approved a 178-acre preliminary land development plan for Hazelwood Green on Tuesday. The plan includes office, residential, and light manufacturing space, as well as 30 acres of green space and some safer bike and walking paths for Hazelwood residents. Still no word on rumors that Amazon is interested in part of the land for HQ2.  

(Bus)ta Move. Pittsburgh’s Urban Redevelopment Authority submitted a revised federal funding application for the Oakland-Downtown Bus Rapid Transit Plan. The original plan didn’t leave everyone ready to busta move. That plan would have significantly cut bus service up to 30% to the Monongahela Valley. The current plan includes electric bus service between Oakland and Downtown, Forbes Avenue bike trails, and maintaining existing Mon Valley services.

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