The Punch List – 6/8/18

GBA’s Punch List is a weekly collection of the latest green building and sustainability news.

We have some news! On July 1, GBA’s Executive Director Dr. Aurora Sharrard will conclude her 11 years at GBA to become the University of Pitt’s first-ever Director of Sustainability. Jenna Cramer will step into the Executive Director role after 10 years with GBA. The planned transition period is one of many GBA undertakings the two have collaborated on. 

Back to the drawing board for 8th Street Block progress. The start of a city block project (involving 185 new condos in the $1 million range, a new parking garage, and retail space in place of the existing garage at 9th and Penn) fizzled after no agreement could be made between the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and Davis Companies. The plan was the next step in the Trust’s plan to add 800 housing units downtown. Pressing concerns regarding repair or replacement of the existing 9th Street parking garage continue. 

$2.3 million grant will help Triboro Ecodistrict flourish. The Henry L. Hillman Foundation will equally fund sustainable projects unique to the Millvale, Etna, and Sharpsburg boroughs with the grant. More solar panels, a neighborhood “hub,” internship programs, and the completion of the Etna Riverfront Park are on the horizon.

Going further” with Ford to solve mobility issues. Pittsburgh will be the first to work with Ford’s City of Tomorrow Challenge. Experts will use crowdsourcing to pinpoint specific concerns with mobility and propose solutions. Pilot projects could begin as soon as the end of the year. This could mean massive improvements for our lacking public transportation system. 

Smell it? See who dealt it with CMU’s Breathe Cams. Three new Breathe Cam Network cameras were installed in the Mon Valley following resident complaints of strange and unpleasant odors. The network makes the 24/7 visual footage of air pollution available to the public, which helps keep companies accountable. 

$3,000 off an electric car. Enough said. This flyer gets you a big rebate on the 2018 Nissan LEAF if you’re a Duquesne Light customer or employee. A $7,500 tax credit too. Weekend shopping, anyone? 


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