The Punch List – 11/19/18

Punchlist Natalie Stewart

Not quite a Turkey. In fact, not quite like any bird previously recorded. A Pittsburgh-region amateur birder Lowell Burket discovered a new, hybrid species from an uncommon cross between birds from two different genera.  Burket and his bird, aptly named the Burket’s bird have been published in 27 countries.

Who’s taking a piece of the Pittsburgh pie? Not Amazon. This week, Amazon confirmed that it’s new HQ2 (and HQ3?) are going to be split between New York and D.C. The city spilled the tea, releasing its proposed deal with Amazon, which included $6.7 billion in incentives and access to 35 sites across the area. Who’s taking a piece of that Pittsburgh pie instead? OuterBox, an eCommerce company, shortlisted Pittsburgh for its second headquarters. Read more about developers plans after Amazon here.

When your family asks you about your life plans. The Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) announced a 12-year plan to meet improvement goals, which include green stormwater management, modernizing the existing sewer system, and providing cleaner, healthier water. The ambitious plan will try to “make the financial commitment that should’ve been made over the last 30 years during the next 12,” explains Mayor Bill Peduto. The city will begin by investing $1 billion in water infrastructure over the next five years, but some fear there may not have enough boots-on-the-ground to fully implement the plan.

Who’s on cleanup duty?  The Army Corps of Engineers finally answered just that. Resolving an almost year and a half long bid contract dispute, the Corps gave contract-awardee Jacobs Field Services the go-ahead and announced it is ready to proceed with nuclear waste cleanup operations in Park Township. The cleanup effort will take an estimated 10 years and $500 million.

And something to be thankful for. Job growth. Despite not outpacing other regions, the Pittsburgh-region gained 10,869 jobs over the past year (a 1.3% growth). What sectors are these new jobs in? Well according to the report, most job growth was in mining, logging and construction, followed by business and professional services tied with leisure and hospitality.

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