The Punch List – 10/22/18

Destination: Jobs. For the second year in a row, Pittsburgh ranked #1 for jobs on Glassdoor’s Best Cities for Jobs 2018.  A job search and recruiting website, Glassdoor’s ranking was equally based on cost of living, the potential for getting hired, and job satisfaction. What’s Pittsburgh doing to top the list? Well, some think that its burgeoning tech sector is responsible.

Fresh Ideas. Pittsburgh may be a foodie city, but many residents live in “food deserts” and have trouble accessing fresh food. Folks in Clairton, however, may have found a solution for their neighborhood—Produce Marketplace. Opening this month, the store will operate through grants until it is able to make a profit, after which it will be sold to a local entrepreneur in return for continuing to supply fresh foods. Produce Marketplace hopes that this model will help introduce fresh food markets into neighborhoods across the city. Read more about other ideas to increase fresh food access here and here.

Bright Lights, Smart City. The mayor’s office wants the city to get newer, smarter street lights that operate based on the amount of available sunlight. Along with using more efficient LED bulbs, this means that the city could save up to 70 percent on street lighting energy costs. Now that’s a bright idea!

Rerouting, Rerooting. Tree Pittsburgh has officially put down roots in a new $2.6 million facility. Designed to achieve LEED Platinum and Net Zero Energy Building certification, the space includes solar panels and office, classroom, event, and even gallery space (not-to-mention a fully functioning nursery, of course). Potential amateur arborist? Pot right over and explore the new facility.

New Normal. This month, the United Nations published a massive climate change report. Long story short, it’s not looking good. What does that mean for us in the Pittsburgh region? More extreme weather, including additional flooding and landslides. What are we going to do about it? “We need to shift resources for a new normal,” according to the city’s chief resilience officer,  Grant Ervin. Read more about the region’s climate strategy here.



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