Meet our ISS: Energy and Oppression Panelists!

“We stand for community, light, and power through the sacredness of the sun.” Huda Alkaff, panelist at Inspire Speakers Series What is energy and how does it contribute to inequities in marginalized communities? How does the energy supply chain – from production to consumption – impact people’s health, finances, and surrounding environment? What solutions are […]

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We mourn the passing of our friend, Mike Carnahan

The entire GBA family is deeply mourning the recent loss of longtime friend Mike Carnahan. Mike was vice president and general manager of Scalo Solar Solutions and an active supporter of GBA and the Pittsburgh 2030 District. His energy brought light to every event he attended. “When I think of Mike Carnahan, the first thing […]

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MLK Day 2021: Destiny of the World

*The emboldened quotes in this piece come from King’s various speeches and writings. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. is known in our mainstream conscience as one of the most towering and influential figures in the struggle for civil rights around the world. His message of love and equality helped spark the civil rights movement of […]

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WATCH Bridge to 2030: The Marshall Plan for Middle America

The Marshall Plan for Middle America (MP4MA) Roadmap aims to build a regional, multi-sectoral coalition of stakeholders to drive investment in infrastructure and energy diversification that will catalyze more equitable economic recovery while laying a foundation for the Ohio Valley (including both Pittsburgh and Erie) to be a global leader in cleaner energy resources and […]

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The Transformation of the Carnegie Free Library of Allegheny into MuseumLab – A Beautiful Ruin

What happens when you take a team of museum professionals and combine them with architects and contractors that have a shared interest in inspirational problem solving, mixed with the hope to discover and reinstate the historic architecture of a building that had been dampened by a 1970’s renovation? You get MuseumLab – A special place […]

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A Celebration of Community

Like most things this year, last week’s Virtual Emerald Evening was a bit different. Instead of gathering in one of our region’s many green buildings, our community met digitally to celebrate the work they’ve done in the real world. Whether responding to the health needs of our community during the COVID-19 pandemic or working to improve the […]

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Cleaning & Disinfecting in COVID-19

As we continue to learn more about the most effective ways to combat the transmission of COVID-19, we have learned there are ways to keep our surfaces clean while also prioritizing our health. First, it is crucial to understand that cleaning and disinfecting are just one part of preventing disease transmission. Social distancing and personal […]

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Schools, Like All Buildings, Can Either Help or Hurt Our Health

As we all struggle with the impacts of COVID-19, this statement has never felt more accurate.  And as school administrators and employees work tirelessly to prepare for reopening, we must recognize that there is not a single solution, and every scenario has difficult tradeoffs. One thing is true for all schools, however – where students learn and teachers educate matters!  Control measures can be put into place to minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission as school buildings reopen. According […]

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Celebrating the Life and Legacy of John C. (Jack) Mascaro

Celebrating the Life and Legacy of John C. (Jack) Mascaro At Green Building Alliance, we join the construction community and our region in mourning the loss of John C. (Jack) Mascaro. An early adopter of sustainable building in Pittsburgh, Jack was an innovator, a change-maker, and lifelong learner. Jack was personally dedicated to creating sustainable […]

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Guest Blog: How Smart Buildings Support Occupants and Owners When Adapting to the “New Normal”

Submitted by: In the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic, smart buildings around the world prepare to reopen. What can technology do to support companies and their employees to return to work with confidence? From a recent CoreNet Global Survey: 84% of companies plan to bring employees back in waves Companies may not reach 100% […]

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