The Ever Shifting Line

Green Building Alliance

Change is constantly happening around us. In nature as in building, we continually evolve, shaping our choices to the contours of an ever-shifting world.

At Green Building Alliance, our work moves with the communities we support. We are constantly rethinking how we create, reconfiguring and redesigning the multitude of pieces that create our vision of the future. So as we unveil our new visual identity, we hope to bring that same dynamism to the way we communicate, matching innovation with an unwavering dedication to shifting the line.

Since our founding in 1993, we’ve helped transform Western Pennsylvania into a place where people want to live. We have bustling neighborhoods, vibrant riverfronts, and public parks that bring everyone together. But we are still at the beginning of our reinvention. Like the varying shades and grades of our logo, we must create a region that unites our diverse communities, that blends history with opportunity and renders every place healthier for the generations that succeed us.

As we step into this next chapter, we commit to solutions that honor equally people, and the land that they inhabit.  We strive to not only avoid harm, but to actively regenerate the resources that support us.  In all that we do, we understand the interplay of what we can and cannot construct, the invisible but essential connection between human and nature.

Today, we celebrate our ethos as a new visual brand, the essence of who we are spoken through visible form. As in nature, what is old gives life to what is new. And so we reshape our past to the foundation of our future. We may not be able to predict what lays before us, but as always, we will continually shift the line of possibility.

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