Call for Storytellers: Greenbuild 2015

Call for Storytellers

Tell us a story and YOU could present on stage at Greenbuild as part of GBA’s second annual special set on storytelling. Last year’s presentation at Greenbuild was sold out and incredibly well-received. This year’s theme is The Power of Storytelling: From Mini to Monumental.


  • We think green buildings are incredibly important, but it’s hard to engage people emotionally around buildings. But every building does have a story, and every space impacts people. We want to help the members of Greenbuild nation translate their passion for green buildings into powerful stories that will move people to action. That’s where YOU come in!
  • Green Building Alliance (Western Pennsylvania’s chapter of the USGBC) is presenting an educational session at Greenbuild 2015 about the power of storytelling. This is an excellent opportunity for you to develop and share your skills for translating the benefits of green and healthy buildings into compelling stories about the people who create these spaces and those who are affected by them!
  • Last year’s storytellers included George Bandy (Interface, USGBC), Majora Carter (Majora Carter Group), Tanya Harris (Make It Right), Amy King (Nested Strategies), Jodi Smits-Anderson (DASNY), Nikole Scheaffer (Environmental Charter School), Ron Yamasaki (KYA Sustainability Studio).
  • This year, Green Building Alliance founding executive director Rebecca Flora has already committed to telling her story, and YOU could join her!
  • Our session will showcase several presenters who will share their stories about green and healthy buildings. Stories are told in the raw, with no notes or PowerPoint presentations. In a nod to this year’s Greenbuild location, stories will all focus on the theme: From Mini to Monumental.
  • Our moderator will set the stage for the event, add his own stories to the mix, get the audience involved, and share tips for successful storytelling. Attendees should leave the session with a strong understanding of how they can develop and share their own motivating and inspirational stories about green buildings.
  • Our session is scheduled for Thursday, November 19 from 8:00 – 10:00 a.m.



  • Applicants must attend Greenbuild 2015
  • If selected, storytellers will need to attend the full presentation (November 19 from 8:00 – 10:00 a.m.) and be available for a dry-run prior to the session (to be scheduled)
  • No speaker fees are available, but this is an excellent opportunity for you to showcase your skills – and share your story – in front of a national audience, alongside other stellar storytellers.
  • We’re looking for stories that really put a face on green buildings. They are more than just buildings – they impact (and are impacted by) people, communities, organizations, and more! We want those stories. We want inspiring, we want insightful, we want thought-provoking… We want YOUR story!
  • Stories should align with our theme: From Mini to Monumental. This is a broad theme but could include a small action yielding a big result, one person making a large impact on a building or community, etc. Contact us if you have questions about the theme.
  • Our stories will follow the same format as the incredibly popular Moth. If you’re not familiar, The Moth hosts live storytelling events and is also aired on National Public Radio. You can learn more about The Moth and listen to its stories here. Rules (borrowed form The Moth) are as follows:
    • Complete the form and submit a pitch of your story below.
      • In your pitch, start with your name, story title, and name of the city where your story takes place.
      • Get us excited with this 3-minute pitch of your story, which can be submitted via MP3 or video through the form below.
    • Your final, fully developed story will be approximately 8-10 minutes in length.
    • Tell us the actual  story in your pitch – not what it’s about or what it might be. Give us a sense of your story arc.
    • The story you pitch must be TRUE and must be YOUR STORY.



Once speakers are identified, Green Building Alliance staff members will work with each presenter to fine-tune their presentations and prepare for the main event.



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