Teaching the Teachers: GBA’s Jenna Cramer Recognized by USGBC

Jenna Cramer, VP of Transformation and Community at Green Building Alliance

Jenna Cramer, VP of Transformation and Community at Green Building Alliance / Photo credit: USGBC

GBA’s Jenna Cramer received the spotlight in USGBC’s bi-monthly magazine, USGBC+, for her work to sustainably transform projects, buildings, schools, and communities in the Pittsburgh region! Jenna created and implements the Green & Healthy Schools Academy (GHSA), and the fruits of her labor are surfacing all across town.

GHSA has worked directly with more than a dozen schools and districts through the School Sustainability Culture Program, which brings together a cohort of six to eight schools to challenge the status quo and explore the integration of sustainability into their schools’ culture, facilities, and curriculum. GHSA works toward the vision that everyone from every socioeconomic background is able to live, learn, work, and play in healthy and high performing places.

“We can’t be there every time a school has to make a decision. If we start out by building this really strong ‘why’ that is connected to their values as a school, they can’t unlearn that ‘why.’ From that point, they think about these values every time they do a building project, or they have to purchase new supplies, or they develop a new curriculum. It becomes a part of who [they are]. We wanted to create a program that would have a very big impact in a short amount of time. Rather than trying to reach every school, we decided to focus on a few schools and make them models of what a healthy, sustainable school could look like.”

– Jenna Cramer, VP of Transformation and Community, and head of Green and Healthy Schools Academy

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