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Baxter visited a pilot battery storage system operated by DREWAG, a local company in Dresden, Saxony.

Pennsylvania Can Learn from Germany’s Experience with Renewable Energy

Pennsylvania can learn a lot from Germany about clean energy, according to Lindsay Baxter, Program Manager for Energy and Climate at the Pennsylvania Environmental Council. She recently spent three weeks learning lessons and best practices from Germany’s energy transition. She shares her takeaways below – from the importance of a clear goal, to costs and public […]

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Energy Experts: Wind Turbine Technology and Development

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Chances are you have seen a wind turbine somewhere in Pennsylvania!  

There is currently enough wind power installed in the state to power an estimated 300,000 average Pennsylvanian homes annually!  This amount of wind power avoids nearly 2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year, the equivalent of taking approximately 350,000 cars off the road[1].

Hear from GBA’s own Deanna McPeak about this growing renewable energy technology!  Deanna will explain wind energy at different scales, cover how wind turbines work, and debunk common myths and misconceptions about wind energy.  Once we have the basics down, Deanna will discuss the wind resource in PA and what it means for potential development as well as cost of the technology.  The session will also touch on how wind energy can play a role in energy-efficient buildings and how this renewable is incorporated into LEED credits.

Deanna McPeak worked previously at the Center for Wind Energy at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA.  In addition to being GBA’s in-house wind energy expert, she is also our Membership Director!  

[1]  AWEA, State Wind Energy Statistics: Pennsylvania.

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