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Punchlist 3-01

The Punch List – 6/29/18

Good news for the environment and the economy. Pennsylvania employs 86,000 clean energy workers, with clean energy jobs becoming more plentiful in all areas of the state. Allegheny County is topping the state with nearly 12,000 of those jobs. The majority of the clean energy jobs in PA are in energy efficiency, but with many in renewable energy (especially solar) as well. And those workers are making household-sustaining […]

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Man installing alternative energy photovoltaic solar panels on roof

West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund RFP

Do you have a clean energy project that needs funding? West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund will be putting more money on the streets to support clean energy activities that benefit the West Penn Power ratepayers through a Request for Proposals (RFP) released this week. Applicants applying for WPPSEF financing do not have to be […]

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The Hills are Alive with Solarize Allegheny!

These nonprofit solar experts are making your community greener. Find out if your roof can gleam with new solar panels. Summer is a time for sunburns, sunporches, and, of course, photovoltaic cells. For those of us living in one of Pittsburgh’s charming (read: hilly and tree-lined) neighborhoods, going solar may seem like that European getaway you’ve been pining for […]

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Does the answer to renewable energy lie in our humble utility rate codes?

This is a guest blog by environmental legal expert Ted Robinson Most environmentally conscious consumers know about the benefits of promoting renewable energy sources as well as energy efficiency and conservation programs.[1] However, there is another aspect of utility services that also has a significant impact on the environment, utility rate structure. The Pennsylvania Public […]

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Renewable Energy Generation in the Race to Zero Energy

The third “The Race to Zero Energy” Series session was held at PITT OHIO in the Strip District on July 21. Suitably, this session’s topic was renewable energy, and experts presented on solar, wind, and geothermal energy generation. We heard how these technologies can tie into the grid via net metering, and about how renewable energy is being used at Chatham […]

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Baxter visited a pilot battery storage system operated by DREWAG, a local company in Dresden, Saxony.

Pennsylvania Can Learn from Germany’s Experience with Renewable Energy

Pennsylvania can learn a lot from Germany about clean energy, according to Lindsay Baxter, Program Manager for Energy and Climate at the Pennsylvania Environmental Council. She recently spent three weeks learning lessons and best practices from Germany’s energy transition. She shares her takeaways below – from the importance of a clear goal, to costs and public […]

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solar panels on home

SolarCity Launches Solar Service in Western Pennsylvania

The nation’s largest solar provider will allow area homeowners to pay less for solar power than they pay for utility bills, and expects to hire more than 75 workers for an operations center in Pittsburgh. SolarCity released this announcement: PITTSBURGH (April 11)– SolarCity, America’s #1 solar power provider, is making its popular solar service available to […]

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Going Solar: “Solarize Oakland-Uptown” Launches with Workshop for Commercial Property Owners

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Calling all commercial property owners in Oakland and Uptown! As partners in the Solarize Allegheny campaign, the Green Building Alliance’s Pittsburgh 2030 District – along with Oakland Planning and Development Corporation (OPDC), Oakland Business Improvement District (OBID), and Uptown Partners – invites you to join the launch of “Solarize Oakland-Uptown” to learn how solar can work for your business.


hand reach the sun concept renewable, alternative solar energy,


Solar energy is the fastest growing energy source in the world. While the Pittsburgh region has many cloudy days, we receive much more sun than Germany – the leading solar energy nation! Solar energy works well in Pennsylvania and there are already nearly 8,000 solar installations in Pennsylvania.

With the steep drop in solar costs, the 30% federal tax credit, and the accelerated depreciation schedule for which 60% of the cost of the system can be claimed during the first year, solar has become a wise financial investment for commercial property owners.

Solarize Oakland-Uptown is a 16-week campaign managed by non-profit organization SmartPower and funded by the Heinz Endowments to help residents and commercial property owners consider the benefits of solar energy. At this informational session, we will provide an overview of solar energy and discussion about financing. You will also meet the two local, pre-screened solar installers and have the ability to request a free quote for your building through the program.

Walk, bike or take public transportation. Paid parking is available in the garage under the Hall.

Visit the Solarize Allegheny website at www.SolarizeAllegheny.org for more information about the project.

Have questions about Going Solar Workshop for Commercial Property Owners? Contact SmartPower and the Solarize Allegheny Campaign.



8:15am-Registration, coffee, light refreshments


10:00am-Event Wrap-Up


Oakland Planning and Development CorporationOBIDUptown PartnersP2030DLogo

Solarize Allegheny

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Solar Installation Tour: Choosing Solar in Allegheny County

Solar Tour 1As the saying goes, you’ve got to make hay while the sun shines, and that’s just what Fred Kraybill does everyday with his residential solar array in Point Breeze. Join GBA for a tour of a solar installation and an on-site presentation on the opportunities for solar power in Allegheny County.


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Come see a solar array in action, from solar panel to circuit breaker panel, and learn about the process of installing panels on a roof and on a mounted array. Explore the importance of net metering, interconnection with the utility vs. going off the grid, the Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC), federal tax incentives, and the payback period for solar in Pennsylvania.

Solar Tour 2Fred Kraybill, the solar array owner and our first presenter, has been heavily involved in recent efforts to increase solar installations in Western Pennsylvania thanks to his work with the Solarize Point Breeze campaign, and he will discuss the work of Solarize Allegheny and lessons learned from the campaign in Point Breeze. Fred will be joined by a representative from EIS Solar, who will talk about common considerations that solar installers weigh when analyzing a project.

For more information about the solar array, check out these articles in the Trib and the Post-Gazette.


Architects, engineers, landscape architects, contractors, residential and commercial property owners, realtors, and interested residents of Allegheny County.


1. Understand how solar power works, from solar panel to breaker box.

2. Explore the engineering considerations that go into deciding whether a site is suitable for solar panels.

3. Learn about tax incentives and the payback period for Pennsylvania compared to other states.

4. Evaluate the gains of net metering and the value of remaining connected to the grid with a solar array.

GBCI CMP AIA logo This event is approved for 2.0 GBCI CEUs and 2.0 AIA HSW credits.

Partnering with USGBC and AIA, GBA makes it easy for our members to report continuing education credits.  Please provide your GBCI and/or AIA number so we can auto-report your credits (for applicable events).  Non-members can still earn continuing education credits but will need to self-report their GBCI CEUs.

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