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Mold, Radon, and Lead in Schools Workshop

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Join Women for a Healthy Environment and Green Building Alliance for technical guidance on addressing mold, lead and radon in your school building.  Participants will learn best practices around preventing moisture & mold issues in their buildings and will learn how to investigate, evaluate, and remediate moisture & mold problems in their building.  Participants will receive technical guidance on the environmental hazards of lead and radon, understand the steps and nuances of testing and remediation and learn more about the resources available to assist in the process.  

This workshop is presented in collaboration with the 1000 Hours a Year Project, which is committed to helping improve the environments where children learn to keep kids safe, healthy and learning. The 1000 Hours a Year Project was made possible through generous funding from The Heinz Endowments and talented staff from Women for a Healthy Environment¹s Healthy Schools PA and Green Building Alliance’s Green and Healthy Schools Academy. 

Breakfast and coffee will be provided. For more information on the Healthy Schools Workshop series and other GHSA programming, contact Green and Healthy Schools Director Katie Lockley. 


Identify common facility interest areas, pain points, and foci that relate to the experience of facility personnel.  

Share best practices and common misunderstandings  

Establish connections with other people in their field that are having similar experiences for increased support  

Develop a series of action steps upon the end of the workshop to apply in their own school settings.  

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Handprinting: Creating Healthy, High-Performing, and Engaging School Environments through a Net-Positive Approach

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Born out of research from Harvard and MIT, Handprinting is a response to the concept of carbon footprints, emphasizing how positive actions in our community for sustainability and climate action can be bigger than impact. What role can handprinting play in your classroom or school? Join us as we go through the science on how focusing on the possibilities of our actions can spur action and excitement for climate!   

Featuring handprinting presentations by South Fayette’s Student Diversity Leadership Committee and Rowan Elementary’s Project Bat.

Scholarships are available in an effort to make this program accessible to everyone and are given based on financial need.  Coffee, breakfast and lunch are included in cost. To receive a scholarship to an event or for more information on the School Sustainability Culture Program Workshop series and other GHSA programming, contact Green and Healthy Schools Director, Katie Lockley. 

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Workshop Agenda

8-8:30 Complimentary coffee and breakfast

8:30-9:30 Get to know your Carbon Footprint!

9:3010:30 Handprinting: A Net-Positive Approach 

10:30-10:45 Break 

10:45-11:45 Handprinting with South Fayette’s Student Diversity Leadership Committee

11:45-12:30 Lunch 

12:30-1:30 pm Rowan Elementary’s Project BAT 

1:30-2:30 Measuring handprinting in your school 

2:30-3pm Union Project Tour  (Optional)


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