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The Punch List – 11/14/18

Changes in the Political Ecosystem. Tuesday’s midterms made great changes in both the national and regional political ecosystem. This change includes local candidates such as Sara Innamorato and Summer Lee who have made national news for their climate change activism. House Call.  The Pittsburgh Regional Tenants’ Union is making a city-wide house call to action. […]

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Qualified Gas Tester Training from ABCWPA

Learn to safely and effectively read any meter!

*Did you spend thousands of dollars in metering equipment? Do all of your employees know how to properly operate your equipment? Improper meter practices can lead to big OSHA fines!
*OSHA reports that 65% of fatalities last year occurred in a confined space.
*WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Qualified Gas Tester Training is for anyone who will ever work in a confined space. This is a great class for safety professionals, and anyone working in the field.
*Bring your own meter for hands on experience and personal consultation while you learn!

For more information and to register, click here.

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