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Powered By Art

Join the LAND ART GENERATOR INITIATIVE & CONSERVATION CONSULTANTS for a lecture and discussion about, the aesthetics of renewable energy infrastructure and the role that creatives can play in the design of our energy future.

Powered by Art

The Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) gathers ideas that seek to create substantive models for change by addressing renewable energy infrastructure within the genre of public art.  The goal of LAGI is to design and construct a series of large-scale site-specific installations that uniquely combine art with utility-scale clean energy generation.  The artworks utilize the latest in renewable energy science as media for their construction, and help to innovate the application of new technologies.  Each land art generator sculpture has the potential to provide power to hundreds or even thousands of homes, while fulfilling its traditional role—public art as conceptually engaging amenity to our common space.

We will discuss the LAGI competitions held for Dubai/Abu Dhabi, New York City, and Copenhagen and the portfolio of ideas that have come from the project.  We will begin the talk by providing a context for LAGI within the history of art and architecture, eco art, sustainable urban planning, and the net positive movement.

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Energy Experts: Renewable Energy Policy

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So you’ve seen a solar array and perhaps even a commercial scale wind turbine. Have you ever wondered what it takes to install a wind farm or if it would be cost effective for you to install some solar panels?

Evan Endres will help answer those questions for us!   Evan will cover topics ranging from connection regulations to residential incentives for homeowners, highlighting renewable energy policies specific to PA and the region.  If you want to gain an understanding of the “PA Renewable Energy Policy Roadmap”–where PA has been, where we are now, and where we are headed in regard to renewable energy policy, and perhaps most importantly, how we will get there–then this session is for you!  

Bring your lunch and join us!

Evan Endres is Project Coordinator at PennFuture.  

Can’t join us in person? Catch a live-stream of this lunch and learn. Details here:

Meeting Wall: https://www.startmeeting.com/wall/712-852-722
US Toll Number: (530) 881-1212
MeetingID: 712-852-722

Instructions: At the scheduled date and time of the meeting, dial into the conference line. When prompted, enter the meeting ID, followed by the pound key. To join the online meeting, click on the meeting link listed above, then press “Join”. On the next page, complete your name and email address, then press “Submit”. The system will guide you through the process of downloading the meeting dashboard to participate in the online meeting.

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What Can the U.S. Learn from Germany’s Energiewende?

Last week, at the invitation of The American Council on Germany, I had the chance to participate in a roundtable discussion with Mr. Jürgen Trittin, a current member of the German Bundestag (Parliament) and former federal Environment Minister [covering energy (traditional, nuclear, and renewables), water, land conservation, species protection, air quality, pollution, urban development, and […]

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solar panels on home

SolarCity Launches Solar Service in Western Pennsylvania

The nation’s largest solar provider will allow area homeowners to pay less for solar power than they pay for utility bills, and expects to hire more than 75 workers for an operations center in Pittsburgh. SolarCity released this announcement: PITTSBURGH (April 11)– SolarCity, America’s #1 solar power provider, is making its popular solar service available to […]

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Baxter visited a pilot battery storage system operated by DREWAG, a local company in Dresden, Saxony.

Pennsylvania Can Learn from Germany’s Experience with Renewable Energy

Pennsylvania can learn a lot from Germany about clean energy, according to Lindsay Baxter, Program Manager for Energy and Climate at the Pennsylvania Environmental Council. She recently spent three weeks learning lessons and best practices from Germany’s energy transition. She shares her takeaways below – from the importance of a clear goal, to costs and public […]

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Renewable Energy Generation in the Race to Zero Energy

The third “The Race to Zero Energy” Series session was held at PITT OHIO in the Strip District on July 21. Suitably, this session’s topic was renewable energy, and experts presented on solar, wind, and geothermal energy generation. We heard how these technologies can tie into the grid via net metering, and about how renewable energy is being used at Chatham […]

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Wind Turbine

Applications Due August 25 for State Grants & Loans for Green Building & Renewable Energy

Pennsylvania’s Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) is now accepting applications for two green building and renewable energy funding programs. The application deadline is August 25, 2016. The programs include: High Performance Green Building Program: Grants and loan funds to support high performance buildings in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania built or renovated by individual homeowners and small […]

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p4 Pittsburgh Performance Measures

Last week, p4 Pittsburgh released the p4 Performance Measures, which have been in development for all of 2016. The twelve p4 Performance Measures “will help determine investment prioritization for Pittsburgh’s real estate development projects” in the following categories, each of which offers 10 possible points: Community Opportunity Economy Housing Land Public Connect Rainwater Air Energy Innovation […]

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Clean Power Plan Support in Op-Ed by Mayors of Pittsburgh & Philadelphia

Mayor Peduto of Pittsburgh and Mayor Kenney of Philadelphia have spoken out in support not only of a new federal power plan, but also a way to comply that puts those most vulnerable (those who spend the highest portion of their income on energy bills) first. The Clean Power Plan aims to reduce carbon pollution from […]

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Does the answer to renewable energy lie in our humble utility rate codes?

This is a guest blog by environmental legal expert Ted Robinson Most environmentally conscious consumers know about the benefits of promoting renewable energy sources as well as energy efficiency and conservation programs.[1] However, there is another aspect of utility services that also has a significant impact on the environment, utility rate structure. The Pennsylvania Public […]

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