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Green Building Trifecta: GBA Nominees Win 2015 Energy Leadership Awards

Dr. Brian White, Christine Mondor, and Anna Siefken provided a strong GBA presence as winners at the 2015 Energy Leadership Awards. Several months ago, GBA nominated Christine, Anna, and Brian for the Pittsburgh Business Times Energy Leadership Awards. On May 14th, the chosen award recipients attended the ceremony with a diverse pool of winners as champions of sustainable and pragmatic […]

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Steelers Football: Know Your Opponent – Atlanta Falcons

I’m continuing my (sporadic) series of Know Your Opponent with a look at the Falcons and their hometown of Atlanta, GA. The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Gary Dulac gave the Steelers an A+ for their game against the Cincinnati Bengals this past weekend.  As we head towards the AFC North Championship, let’s take a look at the […]

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Congrats to the YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh

At last March’s Inspire Speakers Series lecture, Amy George (then Amy Piccirilli) from the YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh joined us as the local speaker presenting alongside Bob Berkebile.  Amy’s presentation made Bradd and I think in a broader sense about the connections between buildings, sustainability, and health (as usual, Jenna was way ahead of us since […]

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