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Green Roof Walking Tour: Oakland

Grab your sneakers and get ready to breathe in some fresh fall air while exploring four of Oakland’s coolest green roofs. Co-hosted by the Pittsburgh 2030 District, this walking tour offers you a unique chance to see four green roofs in Oakland. That’s four tours in one!


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Building owners and managers in Oakland have focused on energy efficiency for a long time, but since the Pittsburgh 2030 District expanded into Oakland last year, there are more opportunities than ever for these owners to learn, implement, and share their knowledge about healthy and high-performing buildings.

Case in point: the green roof.

Many Oakland (and Downtown, for that matter) buildings have them, but you wouldn’t know it because you can’t see them! Green roofs help reduce the heat island effect, assist in stormwater management, reduce building energy use, and can even be used for urban food production. On this tour, you’ll get an in-depth look at four different green roofs, while also getting your daily exercise and exploring Oakland!

Our tour will begin at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum and will continue on to University of Pittsburgh’s Posvar Hall. From there, we’ll head to Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens and finally end our tour just before sunset at Carnegie Mellon University’s Hamerschlag Hall.

Each building will have staff members on hand to provide our private tour of their green roof. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to get four tours in one, burn some calories, and explore one of Pittsburgh’s coolest neighborhoods!

We’ll offer small snacks and portable drinks along the way. If everyone is interested in going out to dinner after the tour, we can hit up a local restaurant for dinner. 

*This tour has limited capacity.


4:00 – 4:30 – Meet at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall & Museum. Tour Roof #1

4:30 – 4:45 – Walk

4:45 – 5:15 – Arrive at University of Pittsburgh’s Posvar Hall. Tour Roof #2

5:15 – 5:30 Walk

5:30 – 6:00 – Arrive at Phipps Conservatory & Botanical Gardens. Tour Roof #3

6:00 – 6:15 – Walk  

6:15 – 6:45 – Arrive at CMU’s Hamerschlag Hall. Tour Roof #4



Architects, engineers, landscape architects, building owners and managers, students, sustainability consultants, Pittsburgh 2030 District partners, and interested citizens.

Pittsburgh 2030 District


  1. * Learn about the many benefits of green roofs and how they can be applied to different types of buildings.
  2. * Gain perspectives on green roofs from four building owners regarding motivation, benefits, challenges, and lessons learned.
  3. * Discover how green roofs help building owners work towards goals of the Pittsburgh 2030 District and how they can contribute to credits for LEED.
  4. * Learn how green roofs reduce heat island effect, assist in stormwater management, and reduce building energy use.


This event is approved for 2.0 GBCI CEUs and 2.0 AIA HSW hours.


Partnering with USGBC and AIA, GBA makes it easy for our members to report continuing education credits.  Please provide your GBCI and/or AIA number so we can auto-report your credits (for applicable events).  Non-members can still earn continuing education credits but will need to self-report their GBCI CEUs.

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2030 Glossary: Challenge, Commitment, Districts, Palette, & Products

When we’re talking about things focused on the year 2030, there are many — and understanding of these different programs, measurement mechanisms, and tools varies widely across the country.  As a result, if you’re confused about the difference between The 2030 Challenge, the AIA 2030 Commitment, AIA + 2030, the 2030 Palette, 2030 Districts, and […]

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Pittsburgh 2030 District

2030 Districts: Community Collaboration Toward Measurable, Yet Inspirational Goals with Measured Performance

If you’re a Pittsburgher and/or GBA stakeholder, you’re already familiar with the 2030 District model, as well as what efforts we’ve been making through the Pittsburgh 2030 District locally. At their most basic, 2030 Districts connect property, community, professional, and resource partners in defined geographic areas (mostly downtowns, but not exclusively) to inspire measurable change […]

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PBT award winners

Green Building Trifecta: GBA Nominees Win 2015 Energy Leadership Awards

Dr. Brian White, Christine Mondor, and Anna Siefken provided a strong GBA presence as winners at the 2015 Energy Leadership Awards. Several months ago, GBA nominated Christine, Anna, and Brian for the Pittsburgh Business Times Energy Leadership Awards. On May 14th, the chosen award recipients attended the ceremony with a diverse pool of winners as champions of sustainable and pragmatic […]

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2014 Progress

Pittsburgh 2030 District: 2014 Progress Report

The Pittsburgh 2030 District’s 2014 growth was in both scale and scope, presenting far greater opportunities for impact reduction. The goal of the Pittsburgh 2030 District is to reach 50% reductions in energy use, water use, and transportation emissions by the year 2030. As one of eleven established 2030 Districts in North America, Pittsburgh is also piloting […]

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The Numbers Are In: Pittsburgh 2030 District Building Performance Revealed

County Executive, Mayor, and Green Building Alliance Announce Significant Strides Towards Aggressive Energy and Water Efficiency Goals April 29, 2015 – Nearly 200 people gathered at PPG Place’s Wintergarden on April 29 to hear the results of the 2014 Pittsburgh 2030 District Progress Report. As they waited for the details, they wondered: How will we know […]

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Bundled up at the Pirates game

Meet Green Building Alliance’s Russian Visitors

Last week, Green Building Alliance welcomed  three young Russian professionals to Pittsburgh as part of our peer-to-peer green building dialogue. This is GBA’s third year participating in the program and a small cohort of our staff will head to Russia in May to continue the exchange. Here, we introduce you to our new friends and […]

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Source: BikePGH

Check Out Some of the World’s Coolest Transportation Ideas

Treehugger recently highlighted innovative transportation options from cities around the world. From Copenhagen and Zurich to Portland and New York City, check out the article for a look at some innovative alternatives to cars: Why not learn from the best? 10 great transportation ideas from 10 great cities!   Cities that provide access to multiple, affordable transportation […]

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Pittsburgh 2030 District Releases Water Baseline Report

In order to measure the Pittsburgh 2030 District‘s success in reaching its 50% reduction goals, baselines must first be determined for each reduction category. Whereas energy reduction is measured against a national median average, there is no national average baseline for existing building water consumption by building type.  Thus, a local historic water baseline was […]

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Pittsburgh 2030 District Embraces The Bluff

Pittsburgh 2030 District Embraces The Bluff Downtown Boundary Expansion is Highlighted by Duquesne University and UPMC Mercy Commitments It used to be called Soho and Boyd’s Hill, but the neighborhood now known as The Bluff is often characterized by its two largest entities: Duquesne University and UPMC Mercy Hospital. Now that these two properties have […]

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