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Stormwater Management Lunch & Learn: Kleinschmidt’s Hemlock Farms Project

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GBA and 3 Rivers Wet Weather welcome Senior Ecological Engineer Mark Bowen of Kleinschmidt Associates (Strasburg, PA), who will be presenting highlights from the Hemlock Farms Project, which integrates many different types of green stormwater infrastructure in a 4,500-acre residential development in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania. 

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Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI), which uses vegetation and soil to manage stormwater where it falls, can mitigate the effects of urbanization, which include poor water quality, flooding, and sewer overflows.  Hemlock Farms is likely to be the largest privately-funded stormwater retrofit in the United States, featuring retentive grading, ponds with constructed wetland bottoms, step pools, vegetated swales, and native plantings.  Mark will discuss public outreach, which was a key component of this project, and how selling offsets for compliance with NPDES permits helped finance the project.

The presentation will include a discussion of current and proposed regulations and guidance on how they apply to a 4,500-acre Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Project in Pennsylvania.  This will include some calculation methods.  Mark will discuss innovations in design required to adapt standard GSI to the site as well as funding and cost challenges to maintaining GSI.


Local, state and federal government officials, engineers, public works directors, architects, consultants, planners, related non-profit organizations, and involved citizens.

Stormwater is a contributor to flooding, water degradation and groundwater issues in the state. Understanding stormwater management includes plants, soils and water, which will help floodplain managers, sewer system operators, water system operators, and municipal authorities develop budgets, perform planning, refine engineering and schedule maintenance personnel in communities of all sizes.


  1. Explore how Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) can be adapted to different sites.
  2. Understand the direction proposed for stormwater management in PA and how current regulations and guidance can accommodate GSI.
  3. Understand funding options for stormwater management.
  4. Evaluate the complexity of stormwater management.

Kleinschmidt will provide a catered lunch for all attendees.

GBCI CMP   AIA logo This event is approved for 1.0 GBCI CEU and 1.0 AIA HSW credit.

Partnering with USGBC and AIA, GBA makes it easy for our membersto report continuing education credits.  Please provide your GBCI and/or AIA number so we can auto-report your credits (for applicable events).  Non-members can still earn continuing education credits but will need to self-report their GBCI CEUs.

Can’t join us in person? Catch a live-stream of this lunch and learn. Details here:

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Northwest Brown Bag Inspiration: Green Burials

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Join us for the” What, Why’s and How’s of Green Burial”. According to the Huffinton Post, it is estimated that 60 tons of steel and 4.8 million gallons of embalming fluid are buried each year. Pete McQuillin, the manager of Penn Forest Natural Burial Park will be sharing information green burials, a small but growing trend in the U.S. Funeral Industry.

Bring your lunch and join us for an interesting and informative lunch and learn.

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Northwest Brown Bag Inspiration: Bike Erie

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Get prepared for National Bike Month in May by joining Bike Erie for a lunch & learn at the Art Museum!

Bike Erie will be sharing information on their organization, as well as information on the overall bike culture in Erie, PA. Not a biker, no worries, join us anyway and find out about the equipment you need to ride off into a beautiul Erie sunset.

Bring your own lunch, or grab a bite to eat at the Wave Cafe, located on-site.

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Northwest Brown Bag Inspiration: All Aboard Erie

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Bring your lunch and take a mid-day break! All Aboard Erie will present a three-fold overview of Public Transportation, focusing on Rail, Bus, and the Economic Impact of Mass Transit.

Find out how to give yourself a $10,000 raise, increase the live-ability of your community, and raise the re-sale value of your home.

Different modes of transportation are all around you, perhaps it’s time to think differently about how you get from one place to another?

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Northwest Brown Bag Inspiration: Dose of Reality

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Do you know anything about the chemicals you put on and in your body everyday?

Federal law doesn’t require premarket safety testing or approval for hundreds of items we use every day.

Every time you wash your hands, take a shower or bath, these chemicals go down the drain and end up in wastewater. Wastewater treatment plants or home septic systems cannot remove these chemicals so they are released into groundwater and waterways with negative effects on wildlife and even humans.

Join us as we hear from national-award winning writer/editor and educator, Anna McCartney as she provides us with a “Dose of Reality” about the harmful effects of our personal care products on ourselves and our natural environment.

Gannon University is hosting this month’s Brown Bag in the Stubler Room of the Waldron Campus Center, this building located on the corner of 7th & Peach Street, has two food courts available for those that would like to purchase rather than bring their lunch.

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