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GBA Office Tour

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Come check out the many green features in GBA’s own LEED Platinum office!  You already know that we believe healthy, high-performing spaces make a difference for occupants, but if you don’t want simply to take our word for it, this is your chance to see for yourself.  Hear our staff lay out what they love about working in a LEED-certified office!

(Take a look at our green building directory listing for a sneak peek of what the tour will include!)


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Coffee with Mike

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Welcome to GBA. This is Mike Schiller, CEO of the Green Building Alliance. I’d love for you to come share a cup of coffee to exchange ideas, share a story or two, and meet other GBA members here at our LEED-CI Platinum office on the South Side (the first in western PA when it was built!).

I’d especially like the chance to meet those of you who are new or reconnecting members – of both green building, in general, and GBA, in particular; but I’d welcome all of our stakeholders and interested parties. Let’s have some coffee (I love coffee!), and share some thoughts, informally and casually, about the trends, themes, and directions within the building industry, green building movement, USGBC, local government, the school community, climate change, or any other topic that might be relevant to GBA, both regionally and internationally.

If you know me, you know that I have opinions and am not afraid to share them, but I also value and enjoy hearing what others are thinking. We have a new strategic plan, and we are always looking for ways to grow, improve, and excel. I want to hear your thoughts and find out what keeps you supporting our organization. Thanks so much for your support, and I look forward to talking more over a cup of coffee!

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