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Be My Neighbor – Building Equity in the Steel City

“Mister Rogers Neighborhood” debuted in 1966 to a Pittsburgh that was about to embark on a total economic overhaul. Its foundation as the world’s mecca of steel manufacturing was shaken by a shifting world economy that would send Pittsburgh into economic upheaval. While Mr. Rogers began asking, “Won’t you be my neighbor?” neighborhoods throughout the […]

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p4 Pittsburgh Performance Measures

Last week, p4 Pittsburgh released the p4 Performance Measures, which have been in development for all of 2016. The twelve p4 Performance Measures “will help determine investment prioritization for Pittsburgh’s real estate development projects” in the following categories, each of which offers 10 possible points: Community Opportunity Economy Housing Land Public Connect Rainwater Air Energy Innovation […]

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Top Quotes, Images, and Tweets from November’s Inspire Speakers Series with Dr. Wallace J. Nichols and Lisa Schroeder

What an amazing evening!  As the Inspire Speakers Series grows, so does our Twitter community.  With over 100 tweets, including images and quotes, we got a great snapshot of how each of us was inspired by the November edition of our series.  If you weren’t able to attend the event with national speaker Dr. Wallace J. […]

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