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Tami Dixon

Tami Dixon and the Art of Storytelling

For Tami Dixon, the world is her theatre. As the Principal Creative and Co-Founder of Bricolage Production Company in Pittsburgh, she’s brought countless stories of quirk to Pittsburgh audiences, in addition to acting, writing, and directing virtually any sort of interactive experience. We discuss how she fell in love with the arts, her critically acclaimed […]

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Powered By Art

Join the LAND ART GENERATOR INITIATIVE & CONSERVATION CONSULTANTS for a lecture and discussion about, the aesthetics of renewable energy infrastructure and the role that creatives can play in the design of our energy future.

Powered by Art

The Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) gathers ideas that seek to create substantive models for change by addressing renewable energy infrastructure within the genre of public art.  The goal of LAGI is to design and construct a series of large-scale site-specific installations that uniquely combine art with utility-scale clean energy generation.  The artworks utilize the latest in renewable energy science as media for their construction, and help to innovate the application of new technologies.  Each land art generator sculpture has the potential to provide power to hundreds or even thousands of homes, while fulfilling its traditional role—public art as conceptually engaging amenity to our common space.

We will discuss the LAGI competitions held for Dubai/Abu Dhabi, New York City, and Copenhagen and the portfolio of ideas that have come from the project.  We will begin the talk by providing a context for LAGI within the history of art and architecture, eco art, sustainable urban planning, and the net positive movement.

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