Russian Report and Slideshow

Well folks, now that we’re back from our trip and adjusting to the time change, we’ve been doing a lot of reflecting. Check out the Leaflet for all my city summaries (Moscow, Perm, Yekaterinburg, and Chelyabinsk) and for wonderful, insightful thoughts from Deanna.

Below, I offer our final report from all that we accomplished on our trip, along with an extensive slideshow. We have hundreds more photos, but this is my curated collection to give you a snapshot of our experiences. What an amazing, inspiring, educational, and eye-opening journey we’ve had! Throughout our trip, we interacted with so many people and professionals who are impacting Russia’s built environment: architects, city planners, academics and researchers, students, politicians, developers, construction contractors, engineers, trade groups, and more! It’s hard to believe we met so many people in such a short amount of time. We truly enjoyed the culture, people (oh, the wonderful people!), natural wonders, intriguing built environment, and a variety of new foods (if you haven’t tried Georgian cuisine yet, you must). But what did we accomplish while there, and what was the true impact of this trip? Here is our quantification…

GBA’s Russia 2015 Trip by the Numbers:

  • 15 days in Russia (2 travel days)
  • 5 media hits
  • 23 professional events (meetings, presentations, etc.)
  • 627 people touched through presentations and meetings
  • 35+ new Russian words learned
  • 12 building and open space tours
  • 14 follow-up opportunities
  • Countless new friends from across the globe!

A few ways we can continue the relationships we built while on our exchange include connecting universities in Russia with those in Pittsburgh (some academics are seeking connections in sustainable development and research), presenting additional information at future conferences, and consulting on LEED certifications and green design. We can’t wait to build further on these partnerships and will keep you posted! Until then, enjoy the slideshow:



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