Energy StarENERGY STAR certification was first offered for homes in 1995.  Initially focused on windows, air sealing, and HVAC, the label has since been updated to apply to more components of the home, including lighting, insulation, and appliances.

ENERGY STAR for Homes has also become stricter over time in order to keep the label’s standards significantly more efficient than housing market norms.  Builders can choose to follow either a predefined or customized set of requirements for each home.

An ENERGY STAR label on materials or appliances indicates product specifications and the appropriate climate zone for use of the product in homes.  Homes that meet ENERGY STAR guidelines must be inspected and verified by a Home Energy Rater to receive certification.  Once the rater determines that the home meets requirements, an ENERGY STAR label will be awarded to the builder to place on the house’s circuit breaker box.

Energy Star
To find out more about this certification, visit the ENERGY STAR website, which includes:

  • Information for consumers and product manufacturers on ENERGY STAR products
  • A directory of ENERGY STAR Partner Builders
  • Tips for builders, buyers, and homeowners