Ask a GBA Expert!

Even though our physical doors at the Green Building Alliance office are closed during this worldwide COVID-19 pandemic with state and federal orders to stay at home, our virtual office hours are still open!  Soon we hope to return and revert to business as usual.  Or will we?  Should we?  Is this time of reprieve an opportunity to pivot?  Can we use this time to reflect and reconsider?  Reconstruct thoughts and plans and initiatives?  Can we rebuild a more sustainable environment that positively impacts our planet, people, places and markets?  We sure hope so, and these are the things we are working on every day!

Consider taking this opportunity to chat with our experts.  You can easily access our team’s real-time availability and schedule time to chat with them in a personalized one-on-one 30-minute call through the Calendly links provided below.  Just click on our team member’s name below to take you to their availability via Calendly.

Meet our team:

  • Alyssa Lyon – As GBA’s Sustainable Communities Director, Alyssa Lyon serves to translate the technical aspects of our organization into tangible change and impact.  Schedule a time to chat with Alyssa to discuss ways GBA can and does enhance community engagement to advance sustainable living possibilities in all communities.
  • Dario Giandomenico – Want to learn more about the passive house principle or becoming certified in the passive house program (CPHC)?  Join GBA’s Strategy and Innovation expert, Dario Giandomenico to talk about this innovative model of sustainability among other topics around creating places where all people can thrive.
  • Elisabeth Udyawar – Schedule time with GBA’s Relationship and Development Director, Elisabeth Udyawar to discuss any questions regarding membership benefits, sponsorship opportunities, upcoming events, or if you want to pick her brain on making connections among the GBA network.
  • Ellen Conrad – As GBA’s Green and Healthy Schools’ Coordinator, Ellen Conrad is a passionate green schools advocate and climate change activist! Join Ellen for her office hours to discuss youth activism, climate science, or how to bring sustainability into your classroom/school building!
  • Leslie Montgomery – Connect with Education Senior Director, Leslie Montgomery, to learn more about education and professional trainings at GBA, maintaining your professional credentials, engaging with one of our specific networks like Women+ in Green or the Pittsburgh Living Future Collaborative, or for advice on next steps in your education and career.
  • Megan Zeigler – Chat with GBA’s VP of Planning and Policy, Megan Zeigler to learn more about how GBA works to unite our region’s developers, investors, and policymakers to advance sustainable solutions in high-performance building.
  • Paige Colao – Want to learn more about the Pittsburgh 2030 District?  Want to become part of it?  Schedule a chat with GBA’s Pittsburgh 2030 District Program Developer, Paige Colao, LEED:  Green Associate, GPRO:  O&M.

We look forward to talking with you!  Schedule your “chat” today.