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Borough of Forest Hills

2071 Ardmore Blvd.

Pittsburgh, PA 15221

Service to be provided at new building site:

4400 Greensburg Pike


Photovoltaic Solar Design Build and Financing

Bid Checklist

The following information shall be submitted as part of the bid noted in this Request for Bid packet.

  • Bid Cover Sheet from this packet with all requested information including grand total of bid submitted; signed by the bidder or authorized representative
  • One page proposal itemizing all costs in submitted bid; if providing alternate plan(s) a separate one page proposal for each is also required. Proposal must be signed by the bidder or authorized representative.
  • One page description of bidder’s services
  • Evidence of general liability insurance, workman’s compensation and company and employee bonds as specified here
  • A list of current clients and/or references (minimum of 5 total), including contact name, address and phone number. Municipal clients/references are preferred if available.
  • A copy of this Checklist completed

Do not submit information other than that which is invited as part of this request.

Company brochures/advertising or other promotional materials or advertising for any hardware that may be included in the bid are not required at this time and shall not be included with submission. Bidders may be asked to provide such information prior to awarding bid.

Bidder is responsible for coordinating all work with any related subcontractors and must contact the following for site information, building plans and scheduling:


Pfaffmann + Associates – Jimmy DeCecco, Project Manager Phone: (412) 471-2470

Construction Manager

Volpatt Construction – Mike Uhren, Manager Phone: (412) 942-0200


Photovoltaic Solar Design Build Installation and Financing


  1. Receipt and opening of bids – Sealed bids will be received by the Borough of Forest Hills until 11:00 AM on Monday, May 22, 2017 at 2071 Ardmore Boulevard, Pittsburgh, PA 15221. Bids received after the time indicated will not be accepted. Said bids will be publicly opened and read aloud on Monday, May 22, 2017 at 11:05 AM in the council meeting room, second floor, at the above address by Borough Manager
  2. All bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope clearly marked on the outside, “FOREST HILLS SOLAR DESIGN BUILD & FINANCING BID”.
  3. Bids must be signed by the bidder or an authorized representative. When requested, satisfactory evidence of the authority of any officer or attorney in fact signing on behalf of a corporation or association shall be furnished.
  4. The Borough of Forest Hills may also request additional detailed information from the bidder to determine specifically whether the bidder is able to undertake a contract for delivery of said services. The requested information must be submitted within five (5) calendar days after the date of the request.
  5. No bid or any portion thereof may be withdrawn after the bid opening date herein specified and during the ensuing ninety (90) calendar days hereafter.
  6. It is required that a bidder review building specifications and drawings prior to submitting a bid. The successful bidder will not be excused from fulfilling the contract due to failure to view these and other relevant documents in advance or failure to schedule a meeting with Borough personnel including the Construction Manager and/or Architect to discuss any issues, concerns or questions. All bidders are strongly encouraged to attend a pre bid meeting on Thursday, May 11, 2017 at the Borough Building, 2071 Ardmore Blvd., Pittsburgh, PA 15221.
  7. Bidders shall review the requirements of these conditions and instructions, the general provisions enumerated as part of this packet and the work specifications outlinedherein. General questions may be answered by contacting the Borough Manager at the above address. No substantial changes shall be made to these requirements due to questions or comments from prospective bidders.
  8. The successful bidder shall be required to execute a contract for services as herein specified and bid upon and return the executed Agreement within ten (10) calendar days after written verification of the award of said contract by the Borough Manager of the Borough of Forest Hills.
  9. When a bid received has been determined by the Borough of Forest Hills to be satisfactory, a contract will be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder within sixty-five(65) calendar days after the date of bid opening.
  10. A contract will be awarded to that qualified bidder whose bid, conforming to the specifications contained in the Request for Bid, will be considered most advantageous to the Borough of Forest Hills.
  11. The Borough of Forest Hills reserves the right to reject any or all bids, to waive any or all bids, to waive any irregularities and/or information in any and all bids, and to make an award in any manner consistent with the law, deemed to be in the best interest of the Borough of Forest Hills.
  12. All work must be scheduled with the Borough’s Construction Manager and must fit the time schedule provided by the Construction Manager for installation and completion of work. All work must be completed by the deadline date established by the Borough’s Construction Manager and Architect.
  13. A bid security in the amount of 10% of the base bid, either in the form of a surety bond or a certified check made out to Forest Hills Borough must accompany all submissions. Any bid submitted without bid security will be considered non-responsive and grounds for rejection. Bid securities will be returned to all unsuccessful bidders upon award and acceptance by the successful bidder.
  14. A contract will be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder meeting all requirements outlined herein.
  15. The successful bidder shall provide a performance bond equal to 110% of the cost of the contract.


    Photovoltaic Solar Design Build Installation and Financing SPECIFICATIONS


    The borough is constructing a new municipal building at 4400 Greensburg Pike that will include the following features:

    • Administrative Offices
    • Police Offices
    • Meeting rooms
    • Community room
    • Library
    • Solar power & geo thermal HVAC

Parties interested in submitting a bid for Solar Photovoltaic Installation and Financing Services are strongly advised to attend a meeting at the borough building 2071 Ardmore Blvd. on May 11, 2017 at 10 AM to review information, receive a diagram of the new borough building and understand requirements in this request for bids. Questions will be taken and answered at that time. Changes, if any, to this bid specification will be offered no later than 2 days prior to the bid due date in addenda format.

Solar Photovoltaic Installation

  1. Solar Array Engineering Performance Specification

    Project Requirements

    The Contractor shall determine the optimum solar PV array size for the Forest Hills Borough Municipal Building, based on historical meter data, applicable tariffs, the sun’s angle of

    declination, available rooftop space, and proposed solar PV array specifications. The Borough’s preliminary calculations show the solar PV array size should be a minimum of 127kW. The solar PV array will be designed as a grid-tied system, without batteries, so that the Forest Hills Borough Building will use the electricity produced and excess can be returned to the utility grid and credited against their account.

    The renewable energy project will be procured, financed, installed, owned, operated and maintained by the Contractor for the duration of the contract. The Contractor shall ultimately supply electricity generated from the on-site project and any ancillary services required to deliver said electricity to the point of delivery.

    The contractor shall be responsible for verifying specified (existing) systems and site conditions. Additional information is available from the engineer of record of existing electrical system, Iams Engineering.

    Code Requirements

    The Contractor shall comply with all applicable Federal, State, and local laws and regulations, as amended, including those requirements relating to health, safety and the environment during the construction and delivery phase of the contract. The Contractor is required to submit for approval, complete and have an operational solar PV array no later than December 5, 2017, subject to any adjustments made by the construction manager.

    Construction Requirements

    The solar PV array installed under this contract shall meet the following criteria:

    1. The Borough will provide approximately 8,000 square feet of roof space as identified in Attachment A for the Forest Hills’s solar PV array.
    2. The Contractor shall be responsible for all modifications required for the installation of the renewable technology. See attached drawing for existing conditions. The Contractor shall obtain all necessary permits from the Borough & utility company before commencing on the installation
    3. All work shall be performed within normal working hours unless permission is granted by the Borough prior to beginning the work. Normal working hours are 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM, exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays. The Contractor and any subcontractor personnel are not allowed on-site during non-work hours unless arrangements have been made, in advance, with the Owner’s Representative.
    4. As an on-site generator of solar power, the Contractor will operate its solar PV array in parallel with the electricity supplied to the Borough by electric utility provider from outside the facility. The Contractor will provide all inverters, transformers, switchgear, wiring and protective devices to connect to the facility’s electrical distribution system, as approved by the Borough or its representatives. Any solar PV project installed under a resultant project must beinterconnected to the applicable electric utility provider’s distribution system. The Contractor will need to complete and submit all required applications to the local utility company.
    5. The solar PV array shall be protected on all sides to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the area, tampering with the solar PV array, and to protect against the danger of electric shock. The Borough shall approve of the type of protective equipment to be used. Specific requirements for the type of protective material are to be proposed by offeror as part of its proposal submission.
    6. The Contractor shall take action or modifications necessary to assure the solar PV array iscompatible with the Borough’s electrical distribution system. Any proposed modifications that would affect the Borough’s electrical distribution system will require the approval of the Borough. The solar PV array shall not have any adverse effects on the Borough’s electrical distribution system, or on loading, power factor, voltage levels, transformers, structural integrity, protection device coordination or the operation of any facility electrical equipment.
    7. The solar PV array shall produce electricity that is inverted and transformed to the Borough’s facility electrical distribution system. All products shall be new (less than one year from manufacture, unused and without blemish or defect).

      Modules: System modules shall be UL1703 listed, and CEC-listed, US manufactured with a power rating of no less than 360 watt.

      Inverters: Shall be UL1741 listed and must be CEC-listed with an efficiency of 95% or higher

      The electricity supplied to the Borough shall be free from electricity quality issues such as surge, under voltage, overvoltage, harmonics, voltage sag, or voltage swell.


      The solar provider’s standard system warranty coverage should cover modules, inverter, racking and workmanship. [Note: Warranties are less important if entering into a PPA and lease as system operation should be included in the PPA/lease price].

      • Modules: 25-Year Power Output & 10 Workmanship Limited Warranty

      • Inverter: 10-Year Limited Warranty, Provide a price and/or plan for inverter replacement in year 11 and beyond

      • Racking: 10-Year Limited Warranty priority

      • Workmanship: 1 Year Limited Warranty

        System Monitoring

        The [COMPANY NAME] will favor a proposal that includes a turnkey monitoring system that can be integrated into the [COMPANY NAME] computer system for display on the [COMPANY NAME] website. The system should display and analyze historical and live solar electricity generation data. Additionally, the regularly collected data should reflect, but not be limited, to the following:

      • Average and accumulated output (kWh/kW and total kWh)
      • Capacity factor
      • Air quality emissions averted (and real world equivalents conversion)
    8. The solar PV array will comply with all environmental requirements and standards. Should environmental permits or registrations be required by Federal, State, or local regulation, the Contractor must coordinate with the Borough to determine the appropriate party to hold the permit or registration. The Contractor shall be responsible for all fees and expenses associated with applying for and maintaining compliance with the registrations and/or permits.
    9. The Borough and/or technical representative acting on behalf of the Borough may inspect the system at any time during construction or after the system has been put in operation. At no cost to the Borough, the Contractor may be ordered to stop work or shut the system down if unsafe conditions or code violations are noted. The Borough and/or technical representative acting on behalf of the Borough will inspect the system prior to acceptance. The Boroughreserves the right to reschedule the Contractor’s work, requiring service interruption, at any time if such interruption might adversely affect the Borough’s operations.
    10. The Contractor shall make all necessary requirements to design the system as aesthetically pleasing as possible. These requirements shall include; (a) no conduits traversing the surface ofthe roof, (b) all modules placed square with the roof edges with equal and accurate spacing between rows and columns, (c) wire management; PV/USE wires may not hand below the racking of the array and come in contact with the roof.
    11. Contractor shall maintain set-backs and perimeter requirements as defined in the 2012 International Fire Code requirements to allow safe access to first responders in case of a fire event.
    12. Contractor shall coordinate all penetrations and fastening to the new standing seam metal roof with the roofing contractor to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty. The manufacturer will be Atas and any and all aspects of the solar installation must comply with their installation guidelines to maintain both the water-tightness warranty and the paint-finish warranty
    13. Provide Overburden Warranty to remove and reinstall the solar panels in case of a warrantied leak in the roofing system.
  2. Provide full cost information for plan submitted

    1. Costs shall be itemized with a grand total submitted and include all necessary hardware, materials and labor for full installation under the direction of the construction manager and the borough consultant.
    2. Alternative proposals to any of the requested recommendations shall be clearly described with information on
      1. Total Cost
      2. Performance criteria
      3. Savings or cost increase that may be recognized if the alternative is pursued and its impact on the overall total
      4. Full description of the alternative and information on reason for its suggestion including a description of how it would function, what requested recommendation is replaced or altered and any other relevant factor
      5. Submissions including alternate specifications recommended by the bidder MUST include a bid on the full features described here and not simply an alternate proposal only. Alternate only proposals will be rejected.
  3. Other Requirements

  1. Provide information on warranty of all hardware items and labor
  2. Provide information on potential starting and ending time of complete project
  3. Provide information on any limitations that may be caused by building design and construction and its effect on completing all work
  4. Bidders must recognize that work will only be completed once full construction of the building is completed and should factor that in to their cost proposal for materials, hardware, labor, etc. However, bidders must be available as construction proceeds to inform the construction manager of required wiring and any other set up requirements so they may be handled correctly and in conjunction with construction work.
  5. Bidder accepts that all work will be scheduled by the borough’s construction manager and must be able to meet his timetable.
  6. Bidders must include:
    1. Repair and service of installed system including any and all associated costs and service times in responding to calls for repair
    2. Training, if necessary and specified by the Bidder, of all borough staff – costs, availability, time required, documentation available, etc.
    3. Bidders shall recognize the public and public safety nature of the location(s) and expect that repair/service requirements must be outlined that shall result in the shortest turnaround time possible, especially as regards any police function.

Council will award a contract for Solar Photovoltaic Design Build services based on several features including review of any agreements by the borough solicitor, features of the plan, full costs and review by the construction manager and building architect and staffs including contractors/sub-contractors. The borough reserves the right to reject any and all bids and plans submitted and will award a contract to the bidder that provides a plan, service and cost most advantageous to the borough. The Borough of Forest Hills will accept the bid of the lowest responsible bidder.

Financing Services

As a government agency, the Borough of Forest Hills is not eligible to take advantage of Solar Tax Credits under state or federal programs. The Pennsylvania Solar Energy Program grant portion is not active at this time. Therefore, the Borough of Forest Hills will accept proposals for financing from the Bidder. Coordinate all relevant legal agreements. Person or persons responsible for these aspects of the project shall be identified.

Finance Model – Firm/team shall provide a clear delineation of the ownership and financial model at outset and for 20 years of operation. Please show projected cost of operating the system in each year of the projected operating life of the system. The model shall recognize the non-profit status of the Forest Hills Borough, constraints of ownership, and shall maximize the value for the public. Model shall also outline long-term maintenance and decommissioning/ deconstruction options.

Please provide financing proposals in the following options:

  1. The model shall be based upon the full cost of design/build as specified above, assuming the Borough will own the solar system at the completion of installation.
  2. Option F-A Financing Option A: Lease through Power Purchase Agreement for life of the system. Use of Borough roof space for the solar array will be conveyed via a separate lease agreement or contract which shall be negotiated between the Borough and Bidder. Bidder may provide a sample contract for term of system life lease.
  3. Option F-B Financing Option B: Lease for five years then purchase. If the Bidder will make use of the Tax Credits for the solar system until 2022, the Borough cost for purchase the system at that point should be determined. Bidder may provide a sample contract addressing this arrangement.