WYEP Studios

WYEP Studios

Project Information

USGBC Project ID: 10001621

Project Type: Community


67 Bedford Square

Pittsburgh, PA 15203

Project Details

Building Size (sq. ft.): 21,000

Project Website: http://www.wyep.org

WYEP 91.3 FM, an independent, listener-supported, non-profit public radio station, has become the "First Green (Radio) Station in the Nation." The site combines technical and sustainable designs. This innovative restoration of blighted property on Pittsburgh's South Side allows access to the historic neighborhood, mass transit and bike trails. Designed for maximum performance, its building envelope and mechanical systems utilize recycled and rapidly renewable materials. Large windows allow 90% of the interior space to be flooded with natural light.

For a more in-depth look at WYEP, see its project case study here.

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LEED Green Building Features

Sustainable Sites

Positioning itself close proximity to a multitude of local bus ways, this site promote alternative transportation. Bicycle storage and shower facilities are provided for employees can easily have access to Pittsburgh's river trail. For drivers, an integrated parking area has been constructed under the studio, eliminating the need for additional street or parking lot needs. A reflective roof was designed to reduce heat island effect and keep the building's interior cool. Measures have been taken to reduce light pollution.

Water Efficiency

30% water use reduction has been achieved through the use of waterless urinals and high efficiency units.

Energy & Atmosphere

The project estimated to perform over 20% better than ASHRAE 90.1-1999 requirements. No HCFC-based refrigerants or halons are present onsite. 100% of project's energy consumption is purchased Tradable Renewable Certificates.

Materials & Resources

Over 89% of on-site generated construction waste was diverted from landfill. The application of local materials and materials with recycled content reduces total energy used in material production.

Indoor Environmental Quality

An IAQ management plan during construction and as future policy improves working conditions for employees. A CO2 monitoring system has been installed in conjunction with operation procedures. Operable windows and fans increase ventilation effectiveness. Finish materials with low-level VOCs improve indoor air, and a policy has been put in place to meet this standard for all future work. Direct line of sight views 91% of all space occupied.

Awareness & Education

Educational signage as well as educational tours are available to visitors of the facility.


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