Pittsburgh’s Green Building Leadership: Continuing the Legacy

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As Green Building Alliance celebrates its 25th year, we can’t help but reflect on the remarkable community of trailblazers who helped build our region’s green building movement: those early players who spoke up, demanded change, and demonstrated a new and better way of doing things. Even with so much to be proud of, there is still more work to be done. And while many of those original trailblazers remain hard at work in our region (harder than ever, in fact), there is a deep bench to fill. We need to prepare the next generation to advocate for change in the built environment, so they can create healthier and more sustainable spaces for all in Western Pennsylvania.

The world as we face it is at once more prepared and more burdened than when we started. The urgency of climate change and political division is greater than ever, and there is no shortage of environmental justice concerns to consider. But we have a great array of tools and technologies to deploy, a supportive local government, and countless regional case studies and experts to inspire and challenge us. To help guide the next generation of leaders in our region’s green building movement, GBA is proud to kick off the Sustainability Leadership Lab this fall.

The essence of this cohort is empowerment. Emerging and mid-level professionals from an array of disciplines collaboratively apply their prior knowledge in sustainability to tackle the most pressing challenges in green building. The cohort will delve into topics like integrative design, equitable building, and mission alignment, all with guidance from green building and sustainable development experts. This immersive experience equips individuals to advocate for sustainable solutions within our region, while creating a network of peers to make it happen.

In celebration of the progress made thus far and in thanks to those who have blazed the trail, we hope to foster the continuation of this legacy of change makers in our region. So to anyone out there who feels they could use help amplifying their voice, aligning their values with their work, or translating passion into practice, please consider joining us to level your impact.

Learn more about the Sustainability Leadership Lab, and be sure to submit an application by August 10th .

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