The Pittsburgh 2030 District Continues to Grow

The Pittsburgh 2030 District has enjoyed tremendous success throughout its first year, thanks to commitments by some of Downtown Pittsburgh’s largest and most well known properties.  Despite having over 50% of the district’s total square footage committed to the program’s aggressive energy and water reduction goals, only 20% of district buildings are currently committed.  Aurora and I realized early on that we needed to significantly increase our focus on smaller properties in downtown if the Pittsburgh 2030 District was going to create serious change in the city.  The question was: how would we be able to find the resources to dedicate to the small commercial sector?  Luckily, we learned a few months ago that GBA would be a sub-grantee for a Department of Energy grant to do just that.  Even more luckily, Andrea Lavin Kossis walked into our office and we were able to convince her to join the 2030 team as our property specialist!

Andrea Lavin Kossis joins the 2030 District Team

Andrea joined our team!

Andrea will be working to increase participation in the Pittsburgh 2030 District with a specific focus on commercial buildings in downtown that are smaller than 50,000 square feet (such properties make up 60% of all district buildings).  Andrea’s role goes far beyond recruitment, however, as she will be working closely with those property owners to develop and execute a plan to reduce energy and water consumption by 50% in their buildings.  Her work will be tied into similar energy efficiency programs focused on the small commercial sector in Seattle, Cleveland, and San Jose to help establish best practices for property owners around the country seeking to improve the efficiency of their buildings.Andrea is no stranger to the world of high-performance buildings, and you may already know her from her previous work at the Kingsley Association and the Community Design Center.  Check out her full bio here.

We’re grateful that we’ve had this chance to add to our team, and will use Andrea’s expertise to help us grow the Pittsburgh 2030 District even more!  Welcome to GBA and the Pittsburgh 2030 team, Andrea.  We are excited to have you on board!

This post was written by GBA’s Sean Luther.


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