Our Favorite Videos from Carnegie Mellon University’s 2018 Energy Week

In case you missed it, Carnegie Mellon University’s 2018 Energy Week featured a wide variety of national and regional experts on all topics energy!  Some highlights we experienced that you may also enjoy (via already posted video!) included:

KEYNOTE – Sustainability: Myth, Madness, and Magic by The Blackstone Group’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Don Anderson’s approach to Blackstone’s $200B private equity and real estate portfolios.

KEYNOTE – Philips Lighting CEO, Chris White, discusses the future of energy, LEDs, and IoT in smart cities.

MAYORS FORUM – Energy & Resilience: How Smarter Cities are Preparing for the Future with Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto & San Juan Mayor and Carmen Yulin Cruz Soto.

PANEL – Why Pittsburgh? The Ecosystem for Energy Innovation & Entrepreneurship, featuring GBA Board Members Don Morrison (Blue Tree Capital) & Jeff McDaniel (Innovation Works).

PANEL – Driving the Built Environment to Higher Performance, featuring GBA and Pittsburgh 2030 District Partners: Carnegie Mellon University, Oxford Development, and the University of Pittsburgh.

Have a favorite session we didn’t link to?  Let us know!

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