Member Spotlight: Nancy Jones and Cassie Treshok

While they aren’t working their day jobs at BNY Mellon, Cassie Treshok and Nancy Jones can often be found planning and leading GBA’s Emerging Professionals events and meetings.

In addition to their involvement with the Emerging Professionals group, Nancy and Cassie attend many GBA events and support our mission of inspiring healthy, high performing places to work and live through their dedication to sustainability.


About Nancy:

Nancy Jones is a Research Analyst for BNY Mellon. She has her LEED Green Associate credential, and expects to earn a master’s degree in Public Administration at the University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public and International Affairs in May 2017. Nancy became a GBA member in 2014 and is the Events Chair for GBA’s Emerging Professionals Committee.






About Cassie:

Cassie Treshok is a Compliance Officer at BNY Mellon. While working full time, Cassie earned her MBA with a concentration in Sustainable Business from Chatham University in 2015. She has been a GBA member since 2013, and serves as the Chair of the Emerging Professionals Committee.





To get to know Cassie and Nancy better, we asked them a few questions, and we’re excited to share what they had to say!

Why did you become a GBA member?

Cassie:  I became a GBA member in March 2013 because I wanted to become more connected with like-minded professionals in the greater Pittsburgh region who have an interest in sustainability. I also wanted to become a member because of all of the great programming, lectures, and events that GBA offers. I took one look at GBA’s calendar online and signed up to become a member because these events were exactly what I was looking for!

Nancy: In 2014 I was encouraged to attend an event as a non-member and was really pleased with the information I learned and the network of both Emerging and “emerged” Professionals already involved in GBA. I decided to join as a GBA Emerging Professional member in order to broaden my network in the Pittsburgh area, continue to gain relevant knowledge and skills, and dedicate my time back into the community in an industry that I’m very passionate about. The GBA Emerging Professionals provide a close-knit community that remains on the leading edge of sustainability, which is very rewarding and exciting to be a part of.

What has been your favorite GBA event and why?

Cassie:  My favorite event was the tour of PNC Park. I was fortunate to go on this tour twice, and I really enjoyed learning about PNC Park’s composting operation and other sustainable features. Every time I go to a Pirates game, I tell my family and friends about the extensive composting and recycling initiative for all waste in the ball park. Everyone is always so amazed. We also got to go on the baseball field during both tours, so that was exciting too!

Nancy: So far, the Google office tour remains my favorite event. The adaptive reuse and sustainable building techniques – perhaps most notably the chicken coops on the roof – really brought to life the possibilities for building a low-impact, healthy, and innovative workplace. It was very inspiring to me, and I’m sure to others, as well!

What do you value about being a GBA Emerging Professional?

Cassie:  Being a GBA Emerging Professional has allowed me to form great relationships with GBA staff members and fellow Emerging Professionals. I really value these relationships and not only have I made great professional connections, but I’ve also made great friends. Our meetings and events are very lively and enjoyable thanks to the positive relationships that everyone has with each other. I strongly encourage anyone who is interested in sustainability to attend our meetings and events. You will learn a lot and meet wonderful people!

Nancy: In addition to those great points, having the Emerging Professional status gives us access to the GBA network and, in some cases, the greater Pittsburgh sustainability network that we would otherwise not be afforded.  I feel valued as a GBA Emerging Professional and believe that the GBA network supports the Emerging Professional development in the community. That kind of encouragement is unique and much appreciated.  That’s why in return we throw our Summer Soiree, a GBA Member Appreciation event hosted by the Emerging Professionals.  This coming June will be our third annual event that has been very successful the past two years.

What are you working on right now that’s exciting?

Cassie:  Right now we are planning a holiday party/happy hour for December. Be sure to stay tuned for updates on exciting events that we are planning for 2017 too!

Nancy: On top of an ever growing list of exciting events, the Emerging Professional group would like to see itself become more established by creating a Fundraising Committee, including an annual volunteering fundraiser. This would benefit the Emerging Professionals by providing scholarships to Emerging Professionals seeking to gain a LEED credential, for example.  The Emerging Professionals will also be featured in GBA’s Annual Member Meeting in December so we are very honored to be included in that!

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