Make Your Trip Count

Make My Trip Count

With the advent of new technologies (we see you electric scooters), transportation is changing. Even gone are the days of needing to be in a physical office—telecommuting is quickly becoming a viable option for many. The Make My Trip Count regional commuter survey launched this week as part of Pittsburgh’s effort to capture these changing transportation choices.

Created by Green Building Alliance in partnership with the region’s major transportation authorities, Make My Trip Count (MMTC) was first created in 2015 and tracked traditional commuting transportation modes such as personal vehicles, light rail, buses, bikes, and carpooling. In the survey’s original release, more than 20,000 people shared when, from where, how often, and by what modes of transportation they traveled to work.

These responses were shared widely with regional transportation leaders and influenced transportation projects like the Bus Rapid Transit expansion. The 2018 update builds upon the success of the first survey by refining its questions and adding new forms of transportation such as ride-share, bike-share, and electric vehicles.

Respondents can directly influence policies affecting their daily lives, simply by taking this 5 to 10 minute survey. As an added bonus, those who complete the survey will be entered into a drawing to win one of twenty $50 Visa gift cards!

Make My Trip Count runs from September 10th until October 26th.



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