Make My Trip Count Survey Results

After over a year of collecting responses from Pittsburgh commuters, GBA’s Make My Trip Count survey results are ready to be released to the public!

Over 20,000 respondents from around the Pittsburgh region provided feedback on their daily transportation routines through Make My Trip Count. The survey results will help inform critical transportation and infrastructure decisions throughout Western Pennsylvania. The data has already been integrated into projects like the Port Authority’s Bus Rapid Transit expansion and the Southwestern Pennsylvania Commission’s long-range strategic plan.

Complete results of the survey will be unveiled by GBA’s Pittsburgh 2030 District Senior Director, Isaac Smith, at Bridge to 2030: Transportation event today, December 5th at 3 p.m. Isaac will walk through the vast applications for the data and lead a deep dive through the information, highlighting key points and explaining how to navigate the dashboard itself.

An interactive data dashboard created by EMC Research is available below:

Visit Online Dashboard

To view and download the raw data from the survey, please take a moment to fill this short form below:


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