Majestic Lane to Receive Luminary Award at Emerald Evening 2017

Green Building Alliance is delighted to honor Majestic Lane with our 2017 Luminary Award at this year’s Emerald Evening gala and awards ceremony. Majestic has dedicated his career to creating thriving communities and his ability to inspire change has benefited all 90 of Pittsburgh’s unique neighborhoods.  On September 21, we will celebrate his leadership in sustainability and take a moment to see our city as the sum of each resident’s success.

Majestic Lane is in the connection business. As the City of Pittsburgh’s first deputy chief of neighborhood empowerment, he creates opportunities for residents to shape their own city. He focuses on people as an engine of prosperity and helps create “neighborhood solutions to neighborhood problems.” The fact that this position was created specifically for him speaks volumes to his integral role in Pittsburgh’s “just” ethos.

Majestic’s commitment to his fellow citizens and neighbors began at an early age when he started community organizing at 15 years old.  Later, his work with truant children refocused his attention to systemic change. “Everything is related,” he explains. “A young person who is disconnected from school is disconnected from the economy. Conversely, when children succeed at school and go on to college, it is a sign that their communities are thriving.”

With equal parts vision and charisma, Majestic is reimagining how Pittsburgh understands progress. “How do you develop a city that truly optimizes everyone’s potential?” he ponders, as much describing his guiding philosophy as posing one of the key questions on decision-makers’ minds.  And if his career is any indication, the answer lies in a persistent and unwavering dedication to people. From work with A+ Schools to community engagement efforts with the Pittsburgh Community Reinvestment Group, and now his role in the mayor’s office and shaping the p4 (People, Place, Planet, and Performance) Performance Measures, Majestic has championed equity and inclusion as central tenants in Pittsburgh’s development. “I see cities as spaces of opportunity, as spaces of growth, and spaces of possibility. I know how cities can benefit people and how cities limit people. And our places will only thrive when we turn those structural obstacles into opportunities for all residents.”

GBA is excited to honor Majestic Lane with our 2017 Luminary Award, celebrating his commitment, hard work, and success in supporting healthy, just, and sustainable places throughout Pittsburgh. To learn more about Majestic and the people and projects transforming our region, save the date for our Emerald Evening on September 21, 2017 at the August Wilson Center for African American Culture.

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