Leave the LEED and Green Globes incentives in HB 210

A big vote is coming up on Tuesday February 24 that we need your help on.  Please contact your state representative and ask them to leave the LEED and Green Globes incentives in the bill so that we can have more green schools.

HB 210 goes to vote on Tuesday the 24th. This bill makes  changes to the Pennsylvania Planning and Construction Workbook (PlanCon) program. While the legislation addresses many needed reforms to streamline the program, it also removes the financial incentives for schools to obtain LEED or Green Globes certification.

  • High performing school buildings save taxpayers money! On average they use 33% less energy and 32% less water than conventionally constructed schools.
  • Some schools save as much as $100,000 per year on operating costs, like you, we want to ensure more money is spent educating students, not paying for utilities. This money could be spent on 200 new computers, 5,000 text books, or at least one new teacher.
  • More than 90 schools in Pennsylvania have applied for these incentives in Plan Con and more than 40 schools have obtained LEED certification of Silver or higher in recent years, which puts them on a strong path towards ongoing savings in operational costs.

Contact your representative today to express your concern over the removal of reimbursements provided to schools that obtain LEED or Green Globe certification.

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