Launching the Next Cohort of the Sustainability Leadership Lab

An architect, a contractor, an energy policy advocate, a mechanical engineer, a landscape architect, a home energy auditor, and a sustainability coordinator: what do these professionals have in common? In 2018, they all joined together in a long-term learning cohort called the Sustainability Leadership Lab, to explore their individual and collective roles in how the built environment impacts human quality of life and environmental health.

Designed to drive change in the built environment community towards justice, compassion, and environmental well-being, the Sustainability Leadership Lab offers a wide range of professionals with the opportunity to create an intimate and multi-disciplinary community, cultivate their passion for equity and sustainability, and begin to amplify their voices as change agents within their industries.

In the inaugural cohort, participants explored topics such as communicating the benefits of healthy and high-performing buildings; exploring building owner decision-making; aligning personal passion with professional purpose; and maintaining our region’s legacy as a leader in sustainability. Local leaders including Vivian Loftness (CMU), Patricia Culley (BCJ), Phil Ford (Sota Construction), George Halkias (Stantec), Zaheen Hussain (Millvale), Christine Mondor (evolveEA), Angelica Ciranni (Green Building Alliance), Benson Gabler (International Living Future Institute), Tim Smith (Center of Life), Katie Lockley (Green Building Alliance) and Brandon Nicholson (NK Architects) shared their expertise while participants explored some of the most innovative spaces in Western Pennsylvania. The group worked together to explore current challenges and potential solutions in sustainable and equitable development, and presented their findings to a group of stakeholders.

Sustainability Leadership Lab graduates are our region’s champions for a more sustainable and equitable society.  They are able to align and explore project strategies and best practices on any project team, and have already contributed to our region’s capacity as a leader in sustainable development.  Sustainability Leadership Lab participants build community not only with each other, but with the people they serve and leaders in the industry, as they work towards a more just, compassionate, and environmentally healthy world for us all.

Congratulations to the inaugural cohort of the Sustainability Leadership Lab:

  • Jeremy Frederick, Floura Teeter Landscape Architects
  • Maria Kyriakopoulos, WTW Architects
  • Simona Loberant, Sports & Exhibition Authority
  • Kara Magoolaghan, Green Building Alliance
  • Matt Mahoney, KEEA
  • Christi Saunders, Mascaro Construction
  • Kelli Williams, Conservation Consultants, Inc.

Green Building Alliance would like to extend our greatest appreciation to all the local leaders who helped share their expertise along the way!

Are you interested in joining the next cohort of the Sustainability Leadership Lab? Visit our website to learn more and apply for the 2020 cohort. Also check out a recent graduate’s blog about his experience here. Space is limited, and the next cohort launches on October 24, 2019.

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