Call for Proposals: Inspire Speaker Series

YOU Could Share a Podium with either Bob Berkebile (March 13) or Dr. John Francis (April 10) at GBA’s Inspire Speakers Series Lecture!

inspire speaker proposal

Can you see yourself sharing an inspiring story in front of a large audience at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens?  You could present alongside Bob Berkebile (a founding member of the U.S. Green Building Council and Heinz Award Winner) or Dr. John Francis (a dedicated advocate who went more than 17 years without speaking AND 22 years without driving a car while spreading the message of respecting the planet)!

HURRY!  Complete the form below and submit it to Green Building Alliance by February 28 (for Bob Berkebile) or March 21 (for Dr. John Francis).

What are we looking for?

  • Bob Berkebile will speak about Urban Acupuncture, a “new manner of thinking” that integrates social, environmental, and economic vitality into green building and community development.  Learn more about Bob’s work.
  • Dr. John Francis will speak about personal agency and how one person can truly make a big difference in spreading the message of sustainability and respecting the Earth.  Read more about Dr. Francis’ inspiring story.
  • You should be prepared to talk for 10 minutes about your experiences in making your community healthier or overcoming challenges to advance sustainability in your home, workplace, school, or neighborhood.  We’ll want to hear about your intent, challenges, and successes. Need some inspiration? Check out Dr. John Francis’s TED talk.

Who is eligible?

  • K-12 students and faculty/administrators, University students and faculty/administrators; Community and youth groups/organizations; Entrepreneurs and others working towards community revitalization.  Stories can address sustainability, healthy communities, economic revitalization, or environmental justice.

What do you get out of it?

  • The opportunity to present at the same event as either Bob Berkebile or Dr. John Francis (*you’ll also get to have dinner with Bob/John afterwards).
  • The chance to gain recognition for your school, organization, business, or group (*we expect and audience of 150-250 people).

Important Dates:

Bob Berkebile Dr. John Francis
Deadline for proposals is due at close of business day Feb 28 March 21
We will make our decision and notify the winners March 3 March 28
Inspire Speakers Series @ Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens (5:00-8:00); this is when you will make your presentation March 13 April 10

How to submit:

Please provide your answers to the following questions below or Email your submission to by Friday, February 21 (for Bob Berkebile) or Friday, March 21 (for Dr. John Francis). We look forward to reviewing your submission. Thank you!

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