Human Health in the Built Environment

There is significant need to incorporate human health concerns when designing, constructing, and operating buildings. Human health and well-being is a core component of all green building and sustainability frameworks.


However, health in the built environment must also be viewed much more broadly because it is frequently intertwined with many other factors, including land use, transportation, personal habits, socioeconomics, environmental justice, race, and equity.

GBA strives to incorporate human health and well-being as a guiding principle in all of our programs and initiatives. We currently have a number of ongoing efforts related to health:

  • Education & Events – Workshops and trainings on a variety of health-related and -centric topics, including indoor air quality, occupant satisfaction, healthy products, LEED certification, and the WELL Building Standard
  • Green & Healthy Schools Academy – Healthy Schools Workshop Series and technical assistance
  • Pittsburgh 2030 District – Indoor Air Quality Pilot
  • GBA’s Health Advisory Committee supports our organization-wide exploration into more deeply integrating health into education, events, programs, project assistance, and more. The committee’s current focus is on systems-level issues of health, especially regarding improving health and well-being in the built environment at all scales, including citizens, organizations, neighborhoods, and communities.

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