Green Apple Season of Service

This fall, Green Building Alliance invites you to participate in the Green Apple Season of Service.

The program is a great way for you to increase environmental awareness and community engagement in your schools through service projects centered on creating healthy and high performing learning environments for every student.

Green Apple Service

The goal of the Green Apple Season of Service is to engage administrators, faculty, students, and community members in developing healthy and high performing spaces – which will result in lower costs and better learning environments for our students.

Our Green Apple Season of Service will last from September 28 through November 27 – and you can host your project anytime during this period!

** This is part of the U.S. Green Building Council’s Green Apple Day of Service through the Center for Green Schools.  Learn more about this international initiative and get more resources at


Anybody can host a project!  Need ideas?  Projects can vary widely, but should focus on creating healthy and high performing spaces for our children.  Examples include:

  • Planting a community garden which can be used to provide healthy, local, and fresh produce for students
  • Painting classrooms or facilities with low-VOC paints
  • Hosting a presentation on sustainability topics like:
    • The importance of daylight and fresh air in our classrooms
    • Green cleaning and pest management
    • Performing an energy audit
    • Starting and indoor garden project to improve indoor air quality
    • Kicking off a recycling or composting program

Even businesses and non-profits can initiate projects!
Get involved directly by setting up service projects at a local school, at your children’s school or even at your alma mater.  This is a great way for you to strengthen ties between your business and local schools in the region!  You can volunteer with a current project, OR you can host your own project with a local school by filling out the form below!


  1. Complete the signup form below. We will help you publicize your event and keep you connected with local resources for your project.
  2. Recruit volunteers to create a team that can help you with your project.
  3. Assign specific tasks for each volunteer: Project Coordinator, Media & Communications Coordinator , General Project Volunteer, and Volunteer Team leaders. This will depend on the size of your project.
  4. Create a plan for your project.
  5. Like the “Green Apple Season of Service” Facebook page.
  6. Host your event.
  7. Share successes with us on Facebook and twitter (#mygreenapplewpa)
  8. Send us a write up and photos of your event so we can share them on our website, in our e-newsletter, and with the media.


See the List of Completed and Upcoming Service Projects

Download the Green Apple Season of Service Brochure