Green & Healthy Schools Academy

The Green & Healthy Schools Academy promotes vibrant, just, inspiring, engaging, healthy, and high performing schools and communities through programs and engagement with educators, administrators, students, and community members. Our vision is for schools to foster the types of students and citizens who are prepared to tackle challenges of the 21st century through empathy, collaborations, systems-thinking, civic engagement, and problem-seeking and solving. GHSA-initiatives-banner



School Sustainability Culture Program – a two-year, hands-on, immersive learning community that assists schools with the integration of sustainability into their buildings, curriculum, and culture through inspirational, comprehensive, and developmental lectures, workshops, technical assistance, and projects that catalyze positive transformation 

Healthy Schools Technical Assistance – an effort to create healthier and safer schools by facilitating assessments and professional development and changes to policies and procedures

Innovative Learning – innovative learning experiences for preK-12 educators and students that explore the areas of sustainability, equity, environmental justice, systems thinking,  purposeful creation, design, and the built environment

Green Apple Day of Service – service learning projects that stimulate school and community engagement and learning to create healthy, high performing, and beautiful schools and communities

School Building Project Technical Assistance – academy staff provide technical assistance to schools that are exploring a renovation or new construction project

Emerging Youth Program – integrates concepts of sustainability into the lives of a diverse group of high-school students. Based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s), the program catalyzes students to implement daily transformative actions to improve the health of their communities. The program incorporates the values of equity, accountability, leadership, collaboration, community, and health as a means of challenging students to self – advocate for their own futures.

The program will launch in the Fall 2019 – 2020 academic school year. Please see detailed program description and application here: Emerging Youth Program Application 2019. Applications deadline have been extended to Friday, August 2nd and must be submitted via mail, email, or online HERE by 11:59pm EBT. 


This program is coordinated through the knowledge and effort of Katie LockleyJenna Cramer, Ellen Conrad, and Brian Brown.

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