Green Building Product Certification Course

green building product certification

ABOUT: What is GBA Online Learning?

GBA Learning is a response to the need for an easily accessible and engaging delivery system for green building training and information. This initiative provides a comprehensive, course-based online tool for professionals in the construction and manufacturing fields.

By leveraging its advanced knowledge of green building products, GBA is currently offering an on-line course entitled “Green Building Product Certifications & Labeling.” This tool is designed to provide valuable information that can assist product manufacturers in making vital decisions about green building product certifications and labeling in an engaging and fun way.

IMPACT: How is GBA Learning Improving the Region?

GBA is uniquely qualified to deliver informative online learning courses that speak to a variety of professionals who are interested or already engaged in the green building industry.

The “Green Building Product Certifications & Labeling Course” is available to everyone and will:

  • Help users navigate the hundreds of labels and certifications on the market
  • Offer users important information on adding credibility to their products
  • (Hopefully) reduce “greenwashing” by ensuring that manufacturers are verifying the sustainability of their products

DETAILS: Where to Learn More

Visit the GBA Learning website at and find:

  • Additional details and a video that outlines what is included in the course
  • A registration link for users to sign up and take the course
This program is coordinated by the talents and know-how of Michael Sobkowiak.