Guest Blog Guidelines

At Green Building Alliance (GBA), we offer our friends an opportunity to publish content on our website, in our e-newsletter, and on social media. We feel our members, colleagues, partners, and supporters have valuable input that can be shared with our audience, and we want to hear from YOU!


The content you provide us will be distributed on GBA’s blog (The Leaflet), linked in our e-newsletter, distributed on social media, and included in other sources as appropriate. GBA’s e-newsletter is sent to approximately 7,000 subscribers each week, and our website had over 70,000 visitors and over 200,000 page views last year. Our Facebook page has over 2,200 likes and we have over 4,100 Twitter followers.

Guidelines for Providing Original Content:

The content should offer readers new information about green building or a topic relevant to GBA’s work and mission, and/or insight into produces, projects, initiatives, or practices.

Goals of the content:

  • To provide value to GBA’s audiences and offer GBA’s partners an opportunity to share their expertise; this can lead to increased visibility for our partners among the GBA audience.
  • To add variety, substance, and education to GBA’s communications materials
  • This can lead to increased visibility for our partners among the GBA audience.

Examples of partner content might include:

  • Details on your community-related projects (ex: a green building project for affordable housing, green neighborhood development initiatives, local food initiatives, etc.)
  • Lessons learned from pursuing the Living Building Challenge, LEED, or another type of building standard
  • Profiles or case studies on high-performance building projects
  • Book reviews
  • White papers
  • General articles about sustainability, healthy environments, and energy efficiency.

If you have content that has already been created for another purpose, but would fit well for GBA’s audience, you are welcome to submit it. This does not have to be new information but it should be timely, and it should be new to the GBA audience. If doing this, please do add a summary or introduction that would make it relevant to our audience.

Content might be produced in the following ways:

  • You can personally write the content. This can be a first-person reflection on a topic, an analysis, a white paper, or a third-person article.
  • You can share a study produced by your organization or another organization. This should include some type of relevant introduction and summary.
  • Length of content is flexible, but try to keep it within 300-800 words.

Please include an original photo or two of the topic of your content, if possible. All images/graphics/video and other graphic media must be attributed to the original creator/owner, even if the image was taken by yourself or someone at the company/organization on whose behalf you are writing. Professional photos should include a photo release from the photographer.

Don’t have any images? Try using images licensed by Creative Commons. CC licenses have various restrictions, but generally allow anyone to use the image as long as it’s correctly attributed to the author, owner or creator. Learn more here.

Have questions? This fun graphic can help you.

Please Note:

* GBA will include a Guest Contributor photo and summary on all guest blog entries, to include the author’s name, title, organization, and organizational web site – all information provided from the author. (Please also include any third-party sources, which will be cited when appropriate).

* Please refrain from using self-promotional language. The purpose of sharing your content with our audience is to expose them to new and different ideas regarding sustainability, not to sell your company, product, or organization. We are, however, happy to promote your organization through the posting of this content that meets these guidelines and we appreciate your time. If you have questions about this, please contact us.

* GBA reserves the right to edit for grammar, content, and length when appropriate. All efforts will be made to send an edited version to the author prior to publishing.

* If you need assistance in developing your content, or if you have any questions or ideas, please contact us at

THANK YOU for offering your expertise to GBA’s audience!