Greenbuild 2016: Notes from the Field, Day 1

On what was the first full day of my thirteenth Greenbuild (out of 15 total), I was reminded how very unique everyone’s conference experiences are – and have been.  Below are a few small highlights of my day, but I talked to others who sampled very different topics and conversations – everything from storytelling to a renewal of the PVC debate.

If you are really interested in water and haven’t ever heard of Circle of Blue, Circle of Blue, which does “water reporting, data & convening,” then you’re in for a treat.

There are some truly amazing buildings and developments in the world.  A few:

Polar explorer and photographer Sebastian Copeland has seen parts of the globe most of us will never have the opportunity to experience – and the changes these regions are experiencing with climate change.

Copeland reminded us that food and water are required for the human race’s survival, yet with each 1 degree C rise our planet experiences, we will lose 10% of our calorie growing potential and 7% of our water.  Food scarcity and drought are already creating conflict and a refugee crisis around the globe.  With both compassion and conservation, we can all help ensure the natural places we hold dear remain, sustaining us as well.

Things I was reminded of that you might find of interest too:

  • Impact of green buildings on Cognitive Function Report
  • The Terrapin Bright Green 14 Patterns of Biophilic Design consider many aspects
  • The Tally plugin for Revit uses the GaBi data set to help designers determine the environmental impacts of construction materials – and thus whole building life cycle assessments (LCAs)
  • Sometimes you have to come all the way to Greenbuild to see people you already know.  I got to meet some great folks at Dero that we at GBA have been working with on our “Dream Bike Room.”  If you’re in Pittsburgh, you can check it out any time, but especially in person next week (October 11)

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