Green Roof, Sailor, Soldier, Light

Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall and Museum hosted the August Partner Meeting for Pittsburgh 2030 District participants. Attendees heard from three presenters on topics from preserving the past to securing our future.


What We Learned:

The “nation’s only military memorial dedicated to honoring the men and women of all branches of service, from all generations and conflicts,” Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall and Museum’s mission is to “preserve a lasting tribute” to those who have served. The museum’s preservation efforts also extend to the building. John McCabe, President and CEO, shared the details of recent renovation efforts, including motion sensors for the museum cases, lighting controls adjustable for a central location, and new windows that improved the building envelope without affecting the look of this historic building. They’ve also been hard at work renovating their restrooms, converting faucets and fixtures to versions which use less water.

Speaking of the envelope and saving water, the museum installed a green roof back in 2013. The green roof insulates the building and the renovation also allowed them to address water infiltration issues. Learn more about green roofs.

Sarah Yeager, Resilience Analyst for the City of Pittsburgh, gave attendees a sneak peek at the Pittsburgh Climate Action Plan 3.0. This version will feature a revamped format and categorically list sectors which impact the climate. With a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions 50% by 2030 and 80% by 2050, the plan breaks down each category into specific actions. The building category represents the biggest opportunity for reductions as commercial, residential, and industrial buildings account for 82% of all emissions. Commercial buildings alone are responsible for 51% of emissions.

Still planning that LED lighting upgrade? Duquesne Light’s new Nonresidential Lighting Program could be the key and James Fago, Program Manager for Ecova, had the details. Participating distributors are offering qualified products for as little as $2. No rebate forms or applications are required; products are instantly discounted when you purchase them. Qualified products under this program are ENERGY STAR Edison-based (screw-in) LED lamps.

Planning a retrofit for other types of lamps or equipment? Duquesne Light has updated their rebate catalog as well.

Attendees also had the chance to tour the green roof around Soldiers & Sailors.

Thank you to our host, Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall and Museum, and our presenters: John McCabe from Soldiers and Sailors, Sarah Yeager from the City of Pittsburgh, and James Fago from Ecova.

You can see more photos from this event on GBA’s Flickr account.

Each month, the Pittsburgh 2030 District holds a Partner Meeting convening Property, Community, and Resource Partners; sponsors; and other stakeholders to discuss the latest relevant happenings and information for the city. Meetings give building owners and facility managers the opportunity to share their successes and challenges. Additional speakers present industry information and updates on a variety of critical topics. It’s a closed-door, monthly forum where partners learn from each other through peer-to-peer dialogue and collaboratively plan for a sustainable and efficient future.

The Pittsburgh 2030 District’s goal is to have 100% property participation within the District’s boundaries. Join us! Visit our FAQs for more program information and our contact page if you have questions.

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