Green & Healthy Schools Academy announces FREE green workshops for schools

Join the Green & Healthy Schools Academy for our upcoming workshops, where we will provide
school facility and business managers with guidance and strategies to make schools healthier and higher performing with little to no capital investment. These workshops are open to everyone, but are FREE for school personnel!

Top Ten Reasons Why We Need Healthy & High-Performing Schools

10. Children spend nearly half of their waking hours in school
9. Children’s bodies are less developed and more vulnerable to toxins in the environment
8. Healthy school environments reduce negative short-term and long-term health effects on children and adults
7. Nearly 10% of school-age children in Pennsylvania have asthma
6. Children are more focused and learn better in healthier school environments
5. Teachers and staff are happier and more productive in healthy schools
4. Healthier schools improve student and teacher attendance and performance
3. Lower absenteeism from healthier school environments means increased revenue and reduced costs
2.Many healthy school improvements are low-cost or no-cost
1. Our children are counting on us to protect them and provide them with safe and comfortable places to learn

Who Should Attend:

  • Facility Managers
  • Administrators
  • Parents
  • Advocates

What You Will Learn:

  • Specific evidence-based strategies that can improve school health
  • Low-cost and no-cost opportunities that can mostly be implemented in-house
  • Tools and resources that are available to support your efforts

Take a look at our Upcoming Green Shcools Workshops:

January 22, 2015: Effective & Low-Cost IAQ Management Strategies 
Good indoor air quality (IAQ) is critical to the health and performance of school students and staff. Even though many districts struggle with older facilities, there are many simple changes that can be implemented to make indoor air healthier to breathe. This workshop will show you what to look for as you walk through each building and classroom, and how to reduce or eliminate common sources of indoor air

February 2015: Healthy HVAC Practices
Is your school’s ventilation equipment working correctly? Would you know if it wasn’t? Malfunctioning or underperforming equipment creates a buildup of carbon dioxide and air pollutants, which can make occupants lethargic or ill. This workshop will walk you through best practices to ensure your school’s HVAC systems are providing sufficient amounts of clean air so that students are alert and ready to learn, and teachers are healthy and comfortable.

March 2015: Healthy Landscapes
Many schools have large lawns and playing fields that often require applications of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers to ensure they look good and perform well. However, both pesticides and fertilizers can have very significant health impacts, especially on children. This workshop will cover an approach to landscape management that significantly reduces or eliminates the need for expensive and dangerous chemicals, and well as their accompanying negative health effects on students and staff.

April 2015: Designing Schools for Health
Most schools are updated only once every 30 to 40 years. There are many aspects of school design that can have long-term impacts on both the health of occupants and the operating budget of the school. Learn how to get the most out of your next capital project and ensure healthy and high-performing learning environments for decades to come.

Past Events:

November 14, 2014: Integrated Chemical Management Training (PA DEP Event)
Many school science labs have chemicals that are unlabeled, unsafely stored, and decades old, which can pose tremendous safety risks of explosion, fire, or airborne release. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection is hosting a day-long training on best practices for chemical management. Represented schools can become eligible for mini-grants to cover the cost of disposal for outdated and unsafe chemicals.

November 20, 2014: Green & High-Performance Cleaning

A true high-performing cleaning program protects the health of students and staff AND reduces operating costs. Come learn how newer non-toxic products are equally as effective as conventional products, how technology and science have changed the face of cleaning, and how you can get the most out of your cleaning budget.

Our Expertise + Your Passion = Greener and Healthier Schools!

Green Building Alliance’s Green & Healthy Schools Workshops have been developed and are being facilitated by our staff member Andrew Ellsworth. Andrew is a LEED Accredited Professional with years of experience in healthy school environments, green building, and numerous other sustainability topics. He gathers talented experts to help guide each workshop, thereby exposing you to ideas, applications, and methods for making your school as healthy and high performing as possible with little to no investment.

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