Green Building Trifecta: GBA Nominees Win 2015 Energy Leadership Awards

PBT award winners

Brian White, Christine Mondor, and Anna Siefken

Dr. Brian White, Christine Mondor, and Anna Siefken provided a strong GBA presence as winners at the 2015 Energy Leadership Awards.

Several months ago, GBA nominated Christine, Anna, and Brian for the Pittsburgh Business Times Energy Leadership Awards. On May 14th, the chosen award recipients attended the ceremony with a diverse pool of winners as champions of sustainable and pragmatic energy solutions. Read more about their accomplishments and find links to their PBT profile pieces below (must have a PBT subscription to view full articles).

christine_mondorChristine Mondor, Principal, evolveEA; Chair, Green Building Alliance Board of Directors

Sustainable Category Winner

Christine is a systems thinker in every aspect of her work. She pursues her mission to design intuitive and high-performing spaces whether she’s planning a single building, educating young building professionals at local universities, or parsing out neighborhood sustainability plans. Her activism has established green building practices – including LEED – in our region, and it was thanks to her visionary thinking that GBA began over 20 years ago. Now, Christine continues to set a high bar for green building practices in Pittsburgh as she champions EcoDistricts such as Uptown and advocates for the triple bottom line in places like Larimer and the Borough of Millvale. GBA is grateful to have Christine as the new chair of our board of directors! Christine’s PBT article.

Anna pic 1

Anna J. Siefken, Pittsburgh 2030 District Director, Green Building Alliance

Corporate Social Engagement Category Winner

For Anna, engagement is the name of the game. Anna came to GBA by way of ICF International in Washington, D.C. As ICF’s principal consultant, Anna designed programs and recruited strategic partners to participate in ENERGY STAR residential products and home improvement programs. Upon joining GBA, she transferred her skills to Pittsburgh, spearheading the Oakland expansion of the Pittsburgh 2030 District and putting in countless hours of partnership-building before the District launched. She negotiated with commercial and education partners large and small to bring together a coalition comprising 65 million square feet of committed building space in Pennsylvania’s third-largest commercial district. The Pittsburgh Business Times has discovered what GBA already knew – Pittsburgh is fortunate to have Anna’s powers of engagement at work in the city. Anna’s PBT article.

brianwhiteBrian White, PhD, Superintendent, Chartiers Valley School District; Graduate, Green Building Alliance’s School Sustainability Culture Program

Educator Category Winner

Brian’s high school students aren’t the engineers of the future; they’re already at work designing sustainable energy solutions today. When Brian came to Chartiers Valley as superintendent in 2010, he envisioned a school district whose students would meet the workforce demands of today’s economy. He and his teachers devised a K-12 STEAM curriculum to introduce students to design projects at an early age through the Engineering Academy. To-date, the greatest accomplishment of his STEAM students has been the design, installation, and operation of a small wind turbine along Interstate 79 that borders the school property. GBA’s Green & Healthy Schools Academy is proud to partner with Brian and his school district in their innovative endeavors. Brian’s PBT article.

For more information about the winners of the 2015 Energy Leadership Awards, click here.

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