Green Building Bites on Site: Installation of ThermalBuck and ThermalTight on a Local Project

It can be an incredible challenge to find high-performance building products that are manufactured regionally. The benefit of these products is that they support local jobs and the economy, continue Western Pennsylvania’s legacy of leadership in both innovative manufacturing and sustainability, and reduce vehicle miles traveled for products used on local projects – all while supporting critical ongoing building performance.

Located in New Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, BRINC Building Products has developed a line of high-performance solutions that are rooted in building science and easy to install. Two key products are ThermalTight and ThermalBuck.

ThermalTight is an insulation panel that acts as an air, water barrier, yet vapor open to properly manage all four control layers of an exterior wall assembly (bulk water, air infiltration, moisture vapor, and thermal performance). ThermalBuck is a continuous insulation solution for mounting windows and doors, addressing several common challenges in those envelope gaps. ThermalBuck is a PHIUS (Passive House Institute US) certified component for Alpen Windows. Both products can be used on single-family, multi-family, and light commercial projects.

GBA visited the site of a residential build where ThermalBuck and ThermalTight were being installed recently and got to watch the process for this episode of Green Building Bites on Site. We interviewed BRINC Building Products owner John Brooks, homeowner Brian Marra, and construction Foreman Ron Rimmold for more insight. Marra owns a company (Un-Flood It) that troubleshoots mold and water issues in residential homes, so one major goal for his own home was to avoid any common construction pitfalls that create those issues. His background led him to understand that breaks in the envelope (thermal bridges) not only reduce energy efficiency, but also lead to condensation and mold problems down the line.  Marra was looking for a continuous insulation product that could help eliminate that thermal bridging when he found nearby BRINC Building Products and decided to use both the ThermalBuck and ThermalTight products on his home.

In Western Pennsylvania, we are lucky to have a variety of green building products manufactured in our region, and GBA supports the innovative spirit that harnesses our interwoven legacies in both manufacturing and sustainability.

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