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In the multidisciplinary world of healthy schools, there is a dizzying number of webinars, classes, and conferences to sharpen your impact. Of course, making the time to sort through that wealth of knowledge can be a project in and of itself, and educators often have the hardest time prioritizing their own development. So we took a moment to talk with our Learning Coordinator Brian Brown about his upcoming trip to the Green Schools Conference and Expo, and what he’s hoping to, well, learn.

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Why are you attending the Green Schools Conference and Expo?

There’s such a breadth of experts attending the conference, from teachers and administrators to architects, scientists, and policy advocates. Each person brings a wealth of experience from very particular settings across school districts, communities, and ultimately, across the nation. So we have an incredibly rich range of best practices to learn from, studying what has worked on a grand scale, and what has provided limited impact. Not surprisingly, the trainings on offer are equally diverse, and will really provide a deep dive into subjects as technical as energy sourcing, and as far reaching as sustainability literacy.

What are you most looking forward to?

I think some of the most inspiring moments come from people sharing the depth of their experience, really digging into their daily challenges and successes over the past year. I will have the opportunity to meet people with similar jobs and similar sets of opportunities, and learn how they maximized them. This is my first time attending the conference, and it will be particularly interesting to learn how people’s roles have change with broader national and state policy changes, and their strategies to both preserve and innovate.

What are you hoping to learn?

I’m currently thinking a lot about how we support teachers, and what resources are really available to help our program participants throughout the entire year. Teachers are quite busy people, so often selecting the right trainings or curriculum is essential, because they just need to plug in and go. I’m also excited to learn different ways of benchmarking impact. We’re going to be workshopping a couple different projects, and I’m excited to see the different ways that people can quantify and share their successes.

The Green Schools Conference and Expo is May 3rd to 4th in Denver, Colorado. For more information, visit

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