GPRO Operations and Maintenance Essentials: What’s It Really Like?

“This course greatly increased my awareness of the complex the process of going green, and how important it is to the environment.” – former GPRO Student

Green Building Alliance trains a lot of professionals in the design and construction fields, but we recently decided to add a particular focus to facilities professionals by offering GPRO Operations and Maintenance Trainings. So far, we’ve  trained 39 people from organizations like the David Lawrence Convention Center, the City of Pittsburgh Housing Authority and Department of Public Works, the Fairmont Pittsburgh, and Allegheny County. All 39 of them have passed their exams to become GPRO O+M Professionals — and we wanted to share a little about their experience.

Though not typically the most publicized aspect of a building’s sustainable certification, operations professionals play an incredibly important role in a space’s performance.  In fact, efficient energy management and maintenance can lead to an immediate operating cost reductions of 20 to 50% , with drastic reductions in environmental impact. It’s also important to remember that a full 40% of all U.S. energy and 12% of all potable water is used in the every day operation of buildings.

And now, because we’re data nerds, we’re going to throw some more percentages at you. After thoroughly surveying all of our (now credentialed) GPRO classroom participants, we’ve learned that:

  • 86% of trainees will use at least one technique that they learned from the course in their everyday work.
  • 78% acquired information that will help them perform their job better.
  • 89% would recommend this course to a co-worker or friend.

The GPRO course is great for building operators and managers, sustainability professionals, and more! If you are interested in attending one of our upcoming GPRO Trainings, sign up for one of our (already scheduled) 2018 GPRO O+M trainings below:

To learn more about the nuts and bolts of green building operations, start with the basics.

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